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Why Creating a Brand Promise as a Startup is Necessary.

Those large well-known brands you admire from your corner were once a startup. They launched their business on a small scale just like you’ve done or you are planning to do. Several elements add up to help them become what they currently are. Some startups have tagged the concept of branding as a ‘nice-to-have thing’ that can be done without, and not a necessity for their business growth (especially when they are running on a low budget). Creating a brand promise goes a long way in helping prospects have an idea of what to expect from your brand. But you need to start it all with branding your business.

Branding involves you creating a unique feel for everyone who comes into contact with your business at any point, be it their first time or after a purchase. From your logo, websites, to other brand assets, your brand remains identifiable when properly branded. If you are still in doubt that you need to create a brand out of your business, you should consider finding out the benefits of having a brand. However, a business can be well branded but lack a brand promise, yes that’s possible. Let’s help you understand what a brand promise is and what it should look like for your startup.

What Is A Brand Promise?

A brand promise is a statement that captures what a brand has set out to ensure their customers enjoy when they encounter them. This is not your mission, vision, tagline, or mantra. It is a statement that clearly expresses how customers should feel at the end of a transaction. Business Dictionary defines a brand promise as the benefits and experiences that marketing campaigns try to associate with a product in its current and prospective consumers’ minds

Why Does Creating A Brand Promise Matter?

You’ll find out if you keep reading closely.

It Tells People What to Expect from Your Brand

There’s a popular notion that without expectation there is no disappointment. If people know that an interaction with your business will yield certain benefits based on what you’ve promised them, they’ll then be disappointed if they don’t get exactly what you promised.

It Makes Prospects Willing to Try Out Your Products/Services

When people know what to expect, they can then weigh what they stand to gain or lose if they patronise you. Securing a lifetime customer begins with them giving you the benefit of the doubt. If they are satisfied with your service they will constantly sing the praises of your brand and begin to refer you to other people. 

Stands You Out from The Competiton

With a unique, honest, and memorable brand promise, your customers are able to identify your brand, its offerings and elements that differentiate you from brands offering similar or the same services you provide. Your brand promise highlights those unique things prospects will get from your brand that they can’t get elsewhere.

There’s a common social trend called, “what you ordered vs what you got”. This simply means a customer patronised you because of what you have portrayed publicly. However, they receive something extremely discouraging when the products gets to them. The product just doesn’t measure up to the standard you had initially projected. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you won’t be getting such customer in the future.

creating a brand promise

Creating a brand promise isn’t as difficult as it might seem. You should check out these three things if you decide to create or rewrite your brand promise.

#1. Keep it Simple, Sweet and Straight-Forward

It’s of greater benefit when your brand promise is accepted by customers. To make things easier for them, never make it complicated. Use the everyday grammar your target audience is likely to understand without seeking for getting help with interpretation.

#2. Honest and Believable

As much as you might get tempted to highlight points that paint your brand in a pretty light, you need to stay real with people. It might interest you to know that people will be more empathetic to an honest brand than to one that portrays how they have everything figured out. This does not mean that you should show yourself as a brand with flaws, it also doesn’t mean you should project yourself as flawless. It simply means you should let people see you for who you are and how you can be of benefit to them. Do not over-exaggerate things; just stay believable.

#3. Unique 

Establish the fact that you are different from the rest. Let prospects know that you offer what your competitors can’t deliver. Your unique qualities could be something as simple as your packaging, delivery style/policy, customer service or other elements in your business. Ensure you highlight them when creating a brand promise as a startup business.

In conclusion, you can discover your brand promise by tracing your steps back a bit. Recount why you started your business in the first instance. What problem did you notice and what solution(s) are you bringing in? How do you want people to feel after an encounter with your brand? Will customers love to come around another time or refer their friends to your brand? What’s unique about what you are offering? What have people said about your brand after you have delivered value to them? These questions are a great place to start from if you have no idea of how creating a brand promise can depict what you actually stand for.


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