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What Participants Had to Say About Our First Web Design Bootcamp 

On Saturday, 23rd of September 2017, we organized our first Web design Bootcamp in the city of Ibadan and it was a success – not because of a high turnout – rather, because of the great value delivered to the participants as they impressively appreciated the idea.

The Idea

It was at one of our Monday morning strategic meetings that Moses Adetola, the CEO of Big Field Digital suggested the idea of organizing a Web Design Boot-camp  – an idea which caught the team’s fancy from the get-go.

The reason why this came as a brilliant idea was because we have had calls from people who wanted to undergo web design training but couldn’t afford our professional training rate or were either unavailable between Mondays – Fridays.

We thought this would help these group of people and yes we were right.

How it Started

We had found a great idea and we didn’t want to overthink it, so we decided to go for it and learn from whatever the outcome is because we were totally unsure of what would be except for one thing – we know that Web Design is a valuable and highly marketable skill that a lot of people want to learn.

On that premise, everyone got to work – the graphic design did the ad creative, the copywriter wrote a promotional letter and the Facebook event page was set up and promoted.


We began to get a lot of interested people the same day.

Before we know it the Web design Bootcamp was here, by 9 am that Saturday there were 4 people ready to get on with the training.

In the space of 7 hours, the participants learned;

– Key terms to understand in web development in order to not sound like a noob to potential clients.

– About domain names: where to buy, and configuration.

– Web hosting packages: Where to buy and configuration.

– How to set up a website fast using templates/theme for a client without stressing out

– Integrating essential features on a website e.g. Live chat, Social media integration, favicon, banners etc.

– Setting up a decent “coming soon” page using templates

– Setting up email addresses, databases, redirects, autoresponders
– Quick introduction to CMS: WordPress, Installing and setting up a WordPress theme

– How and where to find jobs/ projects

– How to get a potential client super excited at the prospect of working with you.

– Business-in-a-box – Prospecting, Understanding a brief, Simple and effective web development proposal, Invoicing, Contract and Payment terms, Signatures, Delivery process, collaborations
Q&A session

In fact, they had an awesome jaw-dropping free bonus package which includes;

  • FREE Coming soon templates.
  • FREE Professional WordPress themes
  • FREE 30 min. consultation with Moses, C.E.O Big Field Digital, to answer your burning questions, and provide professional advice (booked post-event)
  • Business-in-a-box – Business documentations/templates to kick off a solo / freelance web dev business


We wouldn’t have called it a success but neither would we have said it was a failure because it wasn’t. However, the feedback from the participants made it known that we achieved our goal – to help people who could not afford our professional training rate and those who interested in learning web design but only have time during weekends. 

Hence, we make bold to say that the web design Bootcamp was a success and the reason why we are organizing another edition on the 7th of October, 2017 due to overwhelming requests.

So, if you missed the last one, this is your opportunity.


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