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Web Development Business Bootcamp For Beginners

Following the success of our last One-Day Web Development Bootcamp, we have been overwhelmed with requests to run another edition. So, if you missed the last one, this is your opportunity.

No experience with design or coding but you want to become a web designer/developer? No problem.

You are invited to our One-day Web Design Bootcamp Ibadan where you are guaranteed to understand web development in one day even with no prerequisite/coding knowledge.

Picture this…

This one-day Bootcamp is a collection of expert ideas, resources, and strategies designed to quickly pack your brain with the know-how, and help you break into the web development business quickly.

You will be learning from an expert who has built websites and software applications worth tens of thousands of dollars from here in Nigeria.

This one-day Bootcamp is organized by Big Field Digital Ltd www.bigfielddigital.com and will be anchored by Adeniyi Moses Adetola, CEO & Founder, Big Field Digital Ltd.

If you would like to launch your web design/development career today and start earning big, then you should attend this one-day Web Design Bootcamp because in just one day …

You will learn:

  • How to approach and learn web development in 2017

  • Key terms to understand in web development so you won’t sound like a noob to potential clients.

  • Domain names: What you need to know about them, where to buy, configuration and more.

  • Web hosting packages: What you need to know about them, Where to buy, configuration and more

  • How to set up a website fast using templates/theme for a client without stressing out

  • Integrating essential features on a website e.g. Live chat, Social media integration, favicon, banners etc.

  • Setting up a decent “coming soon” page using templates

  • Setting up email addresses, databases, redirects, autoresponders

  • Quick introduction to CMS: WordPress, Installing and setting up a WordPress theme

  • How and where to find jobs/ projects

  • How to get a potential client super excited at the prospect of working with you.

  • Business-in-a-box – Prospecting, Understanding a brief, Simple and effective web development proposal, Invoicing, Contract and Payment terms, Signatures, Delivery process, collaborations
    Q&A session


  • FREE Coming soon templates.
  • FREE Professional WordPress themes
  • FREE 30 min. consultation with Moses, C.E.O Big Field Digital, to answer your burning questions, and provide professional advice (booked post-event)
  • Business-in-a-box – Business documentations/templates to kick off a solo / freelance web dev business

This is a one-time event that can change your life forever.

Who should attend?

Students, Entrepreneurs, those looking to change career to IT, and anyone with interest in ICT/ Web development field. Anyone who also wants to enhance their understanding of key aspects of running a web development business can attend.

What should I bring to the event?

*Your desire, questions, pen and paper or laptop/tablet to take insightful notes.
*Coming with a laptop is encouraged but not required.
*There’s FREE internet access

This one-day Bootcamp is designed for total beginners who are interested in web development as a career and want to understand the deep secrets of the business to start earning big.

Because we want this to be affordable to everyone, we have made a 40% discount available to anyone who pays before the day, which means you will only pay #6,000 if you pay before Saturday 23rd of September or you pay #10,000 at the venue. (Either way, the worth of what you will learn is 10 times more than its cost) but if I were you, I would call in now to guarantee a spot and also save some money.


For more information

Send an email to bootcamp@bigfielddigital.com
0817-070-1758 Call or Text Only
0812-483-9200 WhatsApp Only

You can also contact us via our contact form

Venue: Big Field Digital, Tafotech Building, Opp. Shoprite, Ring road, Ibadan
Date: Saturday, October 7th, 2017
Time: 9:30am – 4pm
Fee: ₦7,000 @ 30% Discount if you pay before the day! or ₦10K at the venue

Get the info. and toolkit you need to start your own web design career/business for the price of a packet T-shirt!

This one-day Bootcamp is organized by Big Field Digital Ltd.
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Big Field Digital
Diamond Bank

PS: Pre-registration is required to guarantee participation because there are limited seats.

After the payment send your payment details to 0817-070-1758 or bootcamp@bigfielddigital.com

100% guarantee you’ll be glad you attend.


Do you have a project that needs pro-expertise? Speak with us about it!

info@bigfielddigital.com or +2348 1707 01578

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