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5 Web Applications That Will Improve Your Productivity Now

In an age where web applications evolved from great ideas to become essential productivity tools, only slackers will not find it easy to get things done.

Let me tell you a story.

I almost couldn’t believe what had happened to me the other time when my computer suddenly stopped coming on (not like I expected it to literally inform me though). But it was devastating as I couldn’t work on client’s projects that needed immediate attention.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt, but salt was even added to my injury when I remembered all the important files I had lost, honestly, I felt weaker than weak. And that’s the day I realized I needed to take some things more seriously.

It took about 4 weeks before I could retrieve some of my important data, but I pulled it off even though I lost some files that resulted in losing a particular opportunity I had long worked hard for. Today, I am smarter because I am taking advantage of web applications to improve my productivity. And the good news is that you too can.

Here’s how…

  1. Have a specific problem you want to solve or a difficult thing you want to do more efficiently. (Don’t wait for circumstance to teach you like me)
  2. Research, ask around and Google some more.

Trust me, if you take these actions stated above, you can never go wrong with improving your productivity, thanks to technology.

However, let me share with you 5 web applications I find amazing for efficiency and productivity.

5 Web Applications That Will Improve Your Productivity


This is a web application that has made it possible for anyone to design the visual assets they need for a variety of projects. I have used this to create social media quote images and even for blog post featured image. Even non-designers can pull this off. Trust me, it saves me the monies I could have paid a designer. 


This is a simple file sharing, cloud storage and personal cloud application that has enabled us to better keep our files forever. You must have heard about it but are you using it? This is one you should get on right now. Plus, it’s free. 


This is an application that helps you manage all your social media platforms in one place. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with some of these social media accounts because one cannot really tell how many will be built before the year ends. Make things easier now with HootSuite, it will improve the way you schedule social media content across multiple profiles.


This is a freemium password management service that stores passwords in private accounts. I don’t have to remember passwords anymore these days since I have an easy way to get all my user names and passwords organized and secured in one place. And it’s free.


This is an English language writing-enhancement platform developed for proofreading and plagiarism-detection. Whether you are writing articles professionally or just making posts on social media, Grammarly can be your web editor by helping to check more than 250 grammar rules.

You see…

The whole point of this article is to help you understand the importance of using some of these great web applications available to us.

In fact, I am sure that you most likely know one or all of the web applications already. But what is more important than knowing is its application. Remember the story I told you earlier? I also knew about these apps then but I didn’t use them until circumstance taught me to value these productivity enhanced web applications.

If you know these tools and you are already using them, kudos to you. You’re doing it right.

Otherwise, I believe that by now you’ve come to realize the importance of web applications and how it can impact your life productively. I urge you to go ahead now and give one or all of these a try and see how you will begin to do more with less.

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