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We develop web apps using a tight agile approach.

We've built web dashboards for fintech, airtime, marketplaces etc.

Do you need to build a scalable web app?

Our team has experience of developing data-driven web apps for small and large brands. From Fintech, e-commerce to food and transportation apps and more, we have you covered.

Web App Development (ReactJS with NodeJs, Python/Django, Laravel backend stacks)

We create working mobile apps on different platforms such as Android, iOs and hybrid. We use the latest mobile frameworks, front-end and back-end technologies to create apps with great UI/UX and functionality. We have successfully deployed a number of top apps.

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Having a website is impressive, but the ease and convenience of web and mobile apps have made digitising certain business processes necessary. The growing number of mobile phone users is enough reason to make your business accessible to your customers even on the go. Besides that, employing the right technologies to develop your apps will make sure you are in total control of your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

Knowing you need this is the first step, getting the right app developers is the next important step. You don’t want just any app developer because not many of them get the right mobile and web app strategies to increase customer retention and engagement.

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However, at Big Field Digital, that is one of our expertise, which can be proved by our years of experience and our case studies. Some of the notable mobile apps we have embarked on include, but are not limited to SellOff.ng, Byt and Price Pronto. Our clients can readily tell you that no matter their industry or the size of their company, we transformed their ideas into functional mobile apps; we can do the same for you.

Case study

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