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Ways Experiential Marketing Can Benefit Your Business.

Over the years, in a bid to attract customers, advertising has experienced different changes. There is so much competition between businesses for customers, and customers have realised this; so it takes a lot more to attract them than ever before. From a mile away, customers can sniff out brands that don’t care about them but are solely focused on making profits. Brands are, therefore, beginning to understand that the best form of advertising is one that put customers at the centre; marketing that shows customers how important they are, and how certain products can impact their lives. A good example that comes to mind is the “Share A Coke” campaign where customers were allowed to own a customised Coke bottle. However, most experiential marketing strategies are done in the form of fun events that customers are invited to attend.

Experiential marketing is a customer-based advertising strategy. As the name implies, experiential marketing strategy focuses on making customers experience a brand through fun or memorable real-life experiences. It is basically engaging and connecting to customers in a relatable way. Asides from the obvious benefit of connecting with customers, there are so many other reasons you should definitely include this strategy as a part of your marketing campaign.

Improves Social Media Awareness

If you combine experiential marketing with social media, you will be having a powerful marketing tool. People like to share their experiences on social media; so if you are giving them a beautiful experience, they will want to carry their followers and friends along. At the end of the day, you will have customers talking about your brand, which is what every brand aches for.

Increases Interaction With Customers

There are many ways brands interact with customers, and most times, those mediums can be impersonal because customers don’t have the personal feeling of interacting with another person directly. Experiential marketing gives customers a sense of belonging; they feel understood, acknowledged, and not simply a means to an end. Also, they can see the faces behind the brand and feel like they are part of something greater.

Media Attention

Usually, you will have to pay a lot for advertising with traditional media, but experiential advertising always draws media attention, especially if done well. If your event or campaign is spoken of by customers, the media will definitely want to talk about it, which will ultimately create more publicity for your brand.

Experiential marketing

Fun And Memorable

Who doesn’t want to have fun? Most people are naturally drawn to anything that will be fun, so you don’t necessarily have to do much to make your target audience interested. Remember that the idea behind engagement advertising is that it should be fun; it is different from a seminar or lecture. It is also memorable, which is what you want; you want to be top of the mind of your customers.

Generates Sales And Leads

According to a survey conducted by EventTrack, 74% of people who attended an event had an improved brand perception, 65% bought the service or product promoted and 79% of companies surveyed confirmed experiential marketing events helped them increase sales. The survey is clear evidence that experiential marketing works effectively.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely include experiential marketing into your marketing strategies. Without doubt,, it produces results.


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