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Valuable Keyword Research Tools to Help with Your SEO.

Ever since search engines came to be, many of us source information from the internet. Search engines work by using web bots to crawl around billions of web pages on the net. While crawling, they look for websites that contain the words you search for, then download the web links of the site and show them to you as search results. These words/phrases searched for by search engine users are called keywords. All search engines use this same principle to provide search results. However, the process by which the results for a keyword are ranked is a well-guarded secret and it is unique to each search engine.

As the years go by, the competition to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) has become stiffer. This is because more web pages are emerging from all around the world. And so, to stand tall amidst this stiff competition, one of the things you have to do is to make sure your web content is properly optimised for search engines. To do that, you need to carry out proper keyword research using keyword research tools.

Now, there are a good number of keyword research tools to help your keyword research and ultimately, your quest to rank on search engines. But we have been able to narrow it down to four that you can be sure to find valuable.

That said, let’s get started.


4 SEO Keyword Research Tools You Would Find Valuable


Ubbersuggest is a keyword web extension tool that works by analysing the keyword searches used by people in your target audience. It gives you insight into details like average cost per click, the average monthly number of searches, and estimated clicks. And it gives suggestions on how to use the keywords to gain an edge over competitors. The tool also gives suggestions on other SEO keywords that can easily rank, to help improve your content marketing strategy and overall productivity. It actively shows the SEO metrics of every link in a SERP. You can use the free version for a daily limit of 40 searches.



AnswerThePublic is one of a kind. It is one of the best keyword research tools that can help with your SEO. AnswerThePublic analyses the searches made by billions of users daily. It maps out organic keywords, topics and insightful content ideas that you can use. The results from this tool are based on search insights and data from your target audience and niche on the Google search engine.

answer the public screenshot



SEMRush is an all in one platform that can be embedded into your content management system like WordPress. This is one of the most valuable keyword research tools you can find. It goes beyond the usual to provide you with over two million keyword ideas from a single keyword. It analyses the potential a keyword has to be clicked, and groups keywords into relevant topics. Another function this tool performs is keyword analytics, where it analyses how competitive or difficult a keyword/keyphrase is worldwide. It also performs domain analysis for SERP ranking and shows keyword gaps for competitive analysis. This means the tool can show you how you are faring amongst competitors using the same keywords in your niche.


Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is valuable in monitoring the welfare of your site. This includes your site’s rank on Google search results, what keywords it ranks for, the number of clicks/traffic, etc.  It also helps you fix issues on your site through detailed reports on its performance and recommendations on the appropriate steps to take to solve the issues. The overall goal of the Google Search Console is to help your site fare well in google search results. 


To wrap up, the tools we listed in this post will come in very handy in getting you to the front page of search results and ultimately, more traffic to your site. And we know that is the aim of every content marketing campaign. We hope you learnt a thing or two. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading.


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