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App UI/UX Design

Let your digital products give your customers an experience like never before. Platforms like Instagram and your other favourite social media platforms do a great job with their App UI/UX design; little wonder you keep going back there for more. But do you know you can also give your customers that same feeling of desirability, comfort, attraction, and most importantly, functionality? 

A great digital product consists of a mixture of a flawless User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) design. So when designing such products, our UI/UX designers embrace a user-first approach. It’s all about the user’s experience and their delight while using your platform. Contrary to popular opinion, UI/UX designers don’t just play around with colours, fonts, and other elements of design. Sometimes we wish it works that easily, but we’re glad it doesn’t. 

App UI/UX design at Big Field Digital involves several stages; from product understanding to ideation, user research and behaviour study, customer journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, visual designing, animation, and user testing. When we develop mockups and site architecture for your project, we carry you along every step of the way and recommend what works, inform you on what doesn’t, and what’s worth trying. 

Our web and app UI/UX Designers understand how critical a customer’s experience is on digital platforms. We make your users go from a state of indifference to that of attraction and then a longing to experience your brand on a deeper level. This usually translates to a positive image for your brand, increase in traffic, engagement, and conversion rate. In the end, we want to save you the trouble of launching products users aren’t satisfied with.

We never want your users to roam around searching for the menu button, that’s why we apply only icons they can easily relate and interact with. Simplicity is classy. 

To make all of this possible, our UI/UX designers go all out to understand your audience and discover what they’ll love to see in a brand like yours. If you are up for an easy to navigate interface for your digital products like software applications, websites, web elements, and more, let’s get started with a quick chat.


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