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Types of Video Content Your Brand Should Explore.

It’s not so surprising that video marketing consistently proves to be an effective means of staying in front of your audience and keeping them engaged.  In one of our previous articles, we took you through how to use video marketing to get customers hooked and highlighted some really interesting statistics gathered from Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey. There are numerous types of video content worth exploring if you intend to run a video marketing campaign. However, this list contains video content formats you can explore regardless of your brand, offering, and mode of operation.

Corporate / Brand Video

Call it whatever name. Among the different types of video content, you shouldn’t miss out on implementing this one. Apart from using your brand or corporate video as a medium to share your brand story, you can also build a deeper relationship with your customers by showing them your company, her staff, your operations, and so much more. This can be in form of an office tour video (like we recently did at Big Field Digital), company profile, showreel, or promotional video to put out your latest promo and offers.

Animated Video

Animated videos usually contain animated characters and text used to explain a certain concept to your audience. The animated video is one of the types of video content where humour and other more causal effects can be applied in the transmission of information to your audience. You can apply this format to create FAQ videos, promotional videos, and other viral video concepts.

types of video content


Do you have an idea you’ll love to share with your community? Organising a webinar where you discuss a certain topic is a brilliant video content idea. You can invite industry experts as guests on your webinar session to make it a more valuable content for your audience. Webinars or Live sessions aren’t so difficult to produce and you don’t need to struggle with video editing or production. Once the Live webinar is over you can simply put up the recording on your website, YouTube channel or even social media for people to access easily. Note that you can make your webinar video available for free or for a fee depending on your end goal. 

Event Videos 

As a brand, you should take advantage of event videos as another amazing type of video content worth exploring. Whenever you organise an event for your brand or attend another brand’s event it is never a bad idea to create a video to share with your audience. An event video could include short interviews with some of the guests at the event, highlight what’s so special about the event and what you’ve learnt so far. And if you hosted the event you could interact with some attendees and urge them to make a testimonial video.

How-To Video 

This type of video content applies to brands who provide services as well as goods. If you are a service provider you can create how-to videos to teach your target audience how they can use your app or platform to get your service delivered. You can show them how you help your customers solve their problems, and even create a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video. If you produce or sell products you can create videos to demo those products as well as how to use them properly. Like they always say, don’t just tell people how to do things, show them.

User-Generated Video

There’s a lot of this online. If you find a video content created by another online user but is in line with your brand values and can be valuable to your audience feel free to repost it. User-generated video content drives more engagement, creates trusts, and shows the authenticity of a brand. It also makes the creator of such content feel valued. Furthermore, do well not to use a user-generated video that shows concepts your brand doesn’t stand for. Or use the content created by an individual or group of people you don’t want your brand to be identified with. Also, you can launch a contest or campaign that rewards users of your product who create a video of themselves using your product.

Unboxing Video

Some fashion brands are already using this video content type effectively. If you have a nicely packaged product, you can encourage your customers to create a video of themselves while they unbox the product to use for the first time. Social media influencers usually do a good job when it comes to creating unboxing videos. You can then go ahead to repost the video on your platform after they have tagged you.

Behind the Scene Video

Among the types of video content your brand should explore this year, the creation of behind the scene videos can be really fun. This type of video is a great way to show off yourself as an original brand and reassure your customers that you aren’t so different from them. Remember, you want to build a relationship with your customers and you can only do that when they can see you as they see themselves; as humans. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Video

People appreciate socially responsible brands. Carrying out corporate social responsibility projects is a great way to maintain a good relationship with your publics. When you engage in this type of project you can do yourself the favour of creating a video of it and showcasing it on your website or other digital platforms.

FAQs Video

If people who interact with your brand always ask you some specific set of questions why not create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) video? It can be animated or Live where you or a member of your team sit down to read out those questions and give answers to them.

With this list of ten types of video content for your brand expect to see your brand get more exposure, engagement, and growth on all levels. To reap all the benefits of video marketing you must be ready to invest in producing quality videos that your audience will find irresistible. Do you currently use any type of video content not mentioned in this post? If you do will love to learn about it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to drop a five-star rating if you had an awesome read.


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