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Types of Content for Instagram Story Every Business Can Explore.

Instagram Story has become very important to social media marketing. The increasing number of active Instagram story viewers is a great opportunity for you to reach your target audience. There are various types of content for Instagram story you can use to attract and retain your story viewers. And thankfully, Instagram story has various features that you can integrate with your content to make even more it engaging. Having said that, here are different types of content for Instagram story every business can use;


Announcements, such as your business’ anniversary or a new product launch, can be posted on your story. You can design online posters or make short videos with enough information about your announcement. Using announcements as content for Instagram stories will attract more users to your Instagram page and your website for more inquiry. Announcements will keep your followers and prospects up to date on all your activities. Other announcements could be competitions/challenges, events, promotions, new achievements of your business and so on.

Video/Photo Guides

Videos and pictures are the most common types of content for Instagram stories. The kinds of video/photo content you can post are limitless. It could be ads or even announcements, a sneak peek of your work, other kinds of promotions etc. You could also post a video/picture urging people to swipe up and view other content like your blog posts. Short snippets of a video on your website or YouTube channel could be posted on your story. This will nudge viewers to see the end of the video and be informed about your offers. Other options you can consider are pictures/videos of new employees/partners, new facilities, honorary photos, pictures from before and after an event.

Polls Stickers

You can use the polls sticker to ask questions and have your followers vote for the option they prefer the most. Use pictures or GIFS to illustrate the options you’re giving your followers. It makes the content more fun. When trying to collect data, polls take the place of boring surveys. Viewers are more inclined to participate in polls as opposed to filling surveys.


Quiz Sticker

Quiz sticker is also an Instagram sticker you can use to engage your viewers. You set questions, put in options, highlight the correct one and upload it to your story. This content is also best done with photos and GIFS illustrations. The essence of the quiz could be to test the knowledge viewers have about you and educate them rightly. But your questions could be from a wide range of other topics related to your brand. Viewers who select the wrong answers will see the correct answers automatically highlighted. Although the best practice is to post the correct answer in the next post. Quizzes are great when trying to draw attention to a certain product, service, activity, or content. This way, you can educate and interact with your viewers as they engage with your content.       

Reaction Slides Sticker

As the name suggests, this story sticker gives your viewers the option to react to your content. Viewers can simply rate their excitement about a particular post on your Instagram story. You can have an idea of the level of excitement, anger, or sadness viewers have towards your content. It is best to also use pictorial illustrations or GIFS when you use the reaction slides sticker.

Adverts/Online Store

These are simple yet important content to post on your story to share information about your business. You can run your ads on your Instagram story or pay Instagram to share your ads to other Instagram users’ stories. You can also post your products or services with short information, such as available discounts. Your product or service posted on your story can be linked directly to your online shop or to your Instagram page.      

Blog Posts

Content for your Instagram stories can be sourced from blog posts on your websites. If you have over 10k followers on Instagram, you can add a direct link to your blog posts on your Instagram story. You can also add blog posts to polls by inviting your viewers to check out related blogs at the end of the poll. Again, you can post or design a graphical art of the headline of your blog on your story, then add a swipe up for more call to action.

If your business page doesn’t have 10k followers yet, you can simply post the link to your blog in your bio and from your Instagram story, you can direct your views to click on the link in your bio section. Or you could upload a post on your timeline urging your followers to follow the link. Then you can share the timeline post to your story and use animated stickers to grab your viewer’s attention to your page. Viewers can then link your page directly from your story through the shared content.

Recycled or Updated Content

There’s no harm in reposting content you’ve used on your story before. The only catch is that you have to update the content and make a few changes to the design. You can recycle content as many times as you want, especially if you want to increase your traffic. Just ensure that this particular content is one that resonates with your viewers. You can also introduce content you’ve posted on your website, or other social media platforms or even emails. This way, you can expose this same content to a new audience.

Going Live

Instagram story has a feature that allows you to start a live broadcast on your story. Your followers are notified by Instagram when you are live and when the session has ended. It is similar to hosting a radio or tv session where people can call and participate. You can answer questions asked by followers and share key information. During these live sessions, you can host competitions, give announcements, engage in trending challenges and more. Employees or business partners can join you during a live session to address key topics concerning your business. Instagram Live can monitor how many of your followers are present during the broadcast. Viewers can request to join the session, pass comments or even ask questions. Going live is an effective option that can feature other content and engage your viewers actively.

Sharing Content of Existing or Potential Beneficial Partners

Sharing the content of your business partners or of other potential partners is another good type of content for your Instagram story. You could congratulate your partner on your story or participate in a conversation with them. In turn, they could repost your content on their story, making you visible to their audience. And who knows? You might find people who will explore your page and become followers. It is important to share your partners’ content especially if it would benefit your followers. Your followers could share your shared story on their own story thus marketing your page to their own followers.

Reposting User-Generated Content

User-generated content is also a very good type of content for Instagram story. When you announce an event or competition, users will create content they can use to participate in the challenge and tag you. The user’s participation has exposed your page to their followers. Reposting UGCs to your story would motivate other users to develop more content that would further expose your content. The more UGC you share to your story, the more other users expose your page.

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