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Top Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have in 2020 and Beyond.

The popularity and expansion of Digital Media have opened the door for new career paths. It’s no longer strange to hear people call themselves ‘Digital Marketers’ only because they have successfully completed the almighty ‘Digital Skills for Africa’ put together by Google, or some other online Digital Marketing Certification courses. Truthfully, Digital Marketers are highly sought after in digital agencies and other companies who understand the essence of having their footprints on the internet. Before we go ahead to highlight some skills every digital marketer should have, we need to establish the fact that one working in a digital agency should know the fundamentals of virtually all aspects of digital marketing but specialise in a few aspects. For example, it’s better to be a professional Social Media Marketer/Manager, Email Marketer, Content Marketer/Copywriter, or SEO Expert, than claim to be very proficient at all aspects. Don’t be that young man with two years of work experience but an expert all-round Digital Marketer, your prospective employer will sense lies.

In this article, we’ll assume you are an SEO and PPC Expert. So, to get your next digital marketing job, don’t fail to mention these skills in your Résumé and exhibit them during your interview session.

A/B Testing Skills

In a previous post, we extensively looked at how A/B testing works; as a PPC expert, you must test everything- from ad copy to design and Call-To-Action so that you can meet your client’s advertising goals while making good use of their budget. No agency will be interested in hiring a marketer who is unable to produce impressive results and manage the allocated resources.

Understanding of How Search Engines Work

Helping a brand appear on the first page of Search Engines doesn’t happen magically. It involves both the theoretical and practical knowledge of how search works. Search engines, especially Google consistently roll out several algorithms, you might not be able to know all of it, but you must understand those applicable to your job as an SEO professional.

Interpretation of Metrics and Budget Allocation

It will be your duty to interpret metrics relating to organic and inorganic traffic, impressions, bounce rate, domain authority, quality score, click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, shares, cost per click, click-through rate and more. You will also be allocating budget for ads, SEO services, and other fees; this means that you must be great with numbers and be able to use tools like Google Adwords, Console, and Analytics.

Basic Knowledge of HTML & Javascript

You might be saying, “I am not a programmer, and I don’t need any knowledge of programming language”. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, basic understanding of HTML gives you an edge and makes you able to manipulate certain codes on the backend of websites to ensure whatever you do is actually working.

Additionally, apart from being able to research on changes and trends in the digital marketing and tech industry, an SEO and PPC expert must understand the part keyword research plays in their work. You must be able to quickly understand a business and help them rank on Search Engines for specific keywords. Some tools available for keyword research have been listed here. Other transferable skills you need are leadership, time management, teamwork, problem-solving, analytic, and negotiation skills. Now that all of these have been said, head right on and be the preferred SEO and PPC expert for that company.



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