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Tips To Writing Email Subject Lines That Get Opened.

Think of it this way! Have you ever been interested in reading a book or watching a movie just because of its title? Even with the intention of reading the synopsis, the title of a book is enough to captivate or repel you. That’s the same effect your email subject lines have on your audience; it has the capacity to attract them to open the mail or repel them. Surely, that’s why you are here; you want to experience effective email marketing for your brand and you want to learn more on email subject lines that get opened. Well, we have highlighted effective tips to help you write email subject lines that get opened.

Be Descriptive

So, there is a certain belief that the meat of your message should be in the content of the mail and not the subject line. That’s true in some instances. However, when you factor in the fact that you want the people to open the email, then you will need to make sure they know what the email is all about from the title. Let them know what they will be seeing in the content when they open it. Basically, your subject line should be the summary of the content of the email. The attention span of people is reducing every day and people are busy, they want to know they won’t be wasting their time by opening the mail. Give them a reason to.

Be Precise

Emails with more precise subject lines have been known to do better than wordy email subject lines. In the first place, if it’s too wordy, the whole subject line might not appear on the synopsis and that will defeat the purpose. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, people have short attention spans and so they will likely spend a little time scanning their unread email. You have to make sure to reduce the number of words they have to read to get the message and then be interested in reading more.

Personalise Your Subject Line

According to Oberlo, “emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.” What does this tell us? People want to feel like you are speaking to them and they are not just a part of a faceless crowd. Sure, they know you would have sent the mail to others besides them but it makes them feel seen that you took out the time to personalise the email to them. You can do this by either including their name or sending them updates based on how they interacted with your brand; it shows that you are paying attention.

Tips to writing email subject lines that get opened

Be Mindful Of Your Words

There are words you should try to use more and words you should definitely avoid in your subject line. For instance, words like new, update, important, today, introducing, soon, stock, available, deduction, % off, information, find, notice, voucher, waiting and latest amongst others have been proven to increase the rate of opened emails. On the other hand, words like limited, once in a lifetime, 100%, budget, loan, risk-free, no cost, no interests, no credit, problem, quickest, bargain, alert and request amongst others are words that don’t do so well in getting your emails opened.

Include Statistics

Including statistics in your email subject line is a great way to establish credibility and also summarise the content of your email. If you provide statistics that you know will spur the curiosity of your readers, you don’t have to think too deeply to craft a subject line as that will suffice in making them see why they need to open the email to learn more.

Avoid Repetitive Subject Lines

Sometimes, when you have tried different words and formats and you see something working well with your audience, you might be tempted to keep up with it. While you should subscribe to something that works, you also want to make sure not to become too repetitive. The problem with repetition is that your audience starts to believe you have nothing new to say and so there is no reason to open the email. Try to keep your email subject line fresh and unique every time.

In conclusion, one trick to crafting email subject lines that get opened is to try to think like your audience. Imagine a brand you are subscribed to sending you an email, would the subject line you crafted get you to open the email?


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