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The Need for Elements of Visual Appeal in Web Content Creation.

During a young man’s journey from his home town to the city, he had passed through several lonely roads in the midst of thick bushes; he got bored and soon fell asleep while the driver drove steadily. Few hours later he woke up to see that they had gotten to another small village in the East where he saw funny looking huts and children climbing trees to pluck some fruits. He brought out his phone and began to make a video recording of them. Not before long, they drove out of the village into another deserted road and he soon dozed off again. This is exactly what happens when people are made to go through articles without elements of visual appeal within them; they zone out quickly.

Content without elements of visual appeal is like driving on a lonely road

As a content writer, even before you put out your post, all you crave for is attention, interaction from the right audience and conversion. However, this might be a difficult task to achieve if your post is not attractive enough to catch an audience’s attention; online users obviously don’t want to stare at an article no matter how professionally written it may appear.

In 2018, Social Media Examiner carried out a survey were they asked marketers to select the single most important form of content for their business and visual images emerged as their top pick with 32%. With this statistic in mind, I believe it’s high time every web content writer began to take their reader on a trip with something memorable to hold on to after their reading experience.

There is a wide range of selection that one can make use of as elements of visual appeal in a blog content; they include but are not limited to, abstract images, charts, graphs, tables, GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format), videos, screenshot, animations infographics and more.

visual content
Let your visual content be powerful to attract and retain readers attention

From my research, these are a few things elements of visual appeal can help you achieve during content creation. First, the use of appealing graphics not only improves the physical outlook of your page, it goes further to segment your points into smaller pieces that can easily be assimilated by an eager audience. Secondly, when people find your post interesting, they would gladly share it on their social media platforms which is a win situation for you as you get more people to view your post.

Subsequently, elements of visual appeal especially images can boost your website ranking through SEO. This happens when the focus phrase of your post is included in the alt text of your featured image. Another impressive benefit of using properly selected elements of visual appeal is that your reader is more likely to remember what the visual display portrayed or the message you passed across. Don’t forget that when people read, they only remember 10% three days later but retain 65% of the information within the same time frame if a visual element is paired with that article.

However, you should put a few things into consideration before choosing a certain visual element. I bet you don’t want to write a post on ‘Web developers guide to choosing elements of web design’ and include a visual content relating to physical fitness, it’s doesn’t work that way; it must be of utmost relevance. There has to be a need for whatever image is used; that means visual appealing elements should be relevant and intentionally chosen. Furthermore, images must be of moderate sizes with a good quality else its aim is defeated.

A number of people have recently asked me where I get nice free images for my content, I have decided to discuss that in another blog post so don’t go too far.


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