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The Ideal Length For All Online Content

Everything online has its optimal length!

This might appear shocking or relatively normal to some others, but this is an important aspect to take note of! Especially if you are looking into content marketing, then, you definitely need to know these. For your content to deliver the best results, you need to consider the ideal length for all online content!

Thanks to Buffer, we have fully explanatory and clean infographic that explains the optimal length of every online content. Everything from Twitter to Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Slideshare, blog posts, and more…

Let’s jump right in!


Photo credit: Buffer


Important things to note…

I have quite some observations from the infographic, and I believe you will want to learn even more about them. So, let’s run through a few observations…


1. The optimal length of a Facebook post has lesser characters than that of tweets

I think this is quite hilarious, and at the same time eye opening. Think about it… The app with unlimited word counts records higher engagement with shorter text than the app with the word count limit.

Let’s not forget, Twitter upgraded their character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters in November 2017.

However, the shorter optimal text length of Facebook over Twitter is important to take note of.


2. The 6 word Blog Headline

There’s quite an interesting fact to this! Our eyes tend to pick up the first and the last 3 words of a headline.

That means the optimal length of a headline should rather be the combined first three words and last three words.

Kissmetrics cited a usability research on their blog. The research shows that people not only scan the body copy of an article, but the headlines as well.

That means – people tend to take in only the first and last 3 words of a headline.


3. The 8 character URL domain name

This makes a lot of sense, because most people do not even like being handed or told long URLS. It’s like a rule.

People would rather have you give them a short URL than a long one. The larger number of the best domain names have these specific things in common

  • They are short
  • Easy to remember
  • They are descriptive
  • Easy to spell
  • They have a .com extension

If you’re looking at getting your own website soon, then definitely consider a short domain name. By all means possible, be sure the only thing that could restrict you from having a short domain name is your already chosen brand name.

If you are getting a website for a different reason, go for a short domain name under 8 characters.


Apart from these…

I believe the infographic was quite clear. You should have been able to take note of the important lengths that you need to know…


Go ahead and share this content to your sphere of influence. You might just be saving a friend from making the next big blunder in their digital strategy.


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