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The 8 Elements of A Brilliant Promotional Email Newsletter.

Any brand that wants to interact with their customers or prospect on a more personal note must see email marketing as a serious marketing strategy. When you send out a brilliant promotional email newsletter, your customers become aware of your latest offers; how it can be of value to them, and how they can enjoy such offers. Apart from keeping you Top of Mind, you will be able to nurture prospects until they feel comfortable enough or in the right position to patronise you. We went through a number of email newsletters of some notable brands and decided to pick out what they are doing right so that you too can apply it to your email marketing campaign.

Make Your Promotional Email Newsletter Brilliant Using These 8 Elements.

1st Element: The Subject Line

This element alone determines if your receiver will open your email or leave it to rot in their inbox. A good subject line should give an idea of what they should expect when the mail is opened. It arouses curiosity and should give a sense of urgency. When a subject line is well crafted, it makes your audience think about what they stand to lose if they fail to take a look at what you have presented before them. Do you know that emails with personalised subject lines generate 50% higher open rates? Now that you know, we suggest you start personalising your emails from the subject line to every other part.  

promotional email newsletter
A subject line sample.

2nd Element: The Headline

The best type of headlines are those that immediately call out the particular audience the newsletter addresses. It should also clearly state the main offer your newsletter is announcing. There’s a big difference between a subject line and a headline. Never send out an email without including both the subject line and headline. 

3rd Element: The Body

When writing the body of your promotional email newsletter, communicate all you need to say in a few words. Yes, brevity. Go straight to the point, communicate clearly, use correct grammar, and punctuate appropriately. In the body of your email, resist the urge to ask them to do several things all at once. Instead, be straightforward and let them know what you require from them before they can enjoy your offer. Furthermore, select your writing style and stick with it. Would you like to speak to your audience in a formal, informal/causal voice? Or, convey your message through storytelling? The choice is all yours to make. However, choose a style your audience will feel comfortable with. Remember to also include relevant hyperlinks if you’ll love them to check out some information that is on another site or platform. 

4th Element: Call To Action

With every email campaign you put out, there’s always an action you’ll love your audience to take. Your call-to-action should clearly prompt your audience to take such an action. Great CTAs are those that say a lot in very few words; CTAs with two words are highly recommended. Apart from being short and direct, it must also convey a feeling of urgency. The call to action button should also include a hyperlink that leads to the actual page where they are meant to carry out your preferred task. This could be them buying a product, signing up for a live event, or even learning more about your business. Examples of some commonly used CTAs are View More, Shop Now, Learn More, Contact Us, Order Now, Add To Cart, Get Info, and so much more. 


A sample of the CTA button, social links, contact information, and unsubscribe link.

5th Element: Graphic Design

Emails with the highest conversion rates are those with the right proportion of every element put together. While the subject line, headline, email copy, and the rest lead your customers to a place of satisfaction, your graphic design could be that straw that makes everything fall apart or stand firmly together. In this case, your graphic design will include a combination of your logo, banner, featured products, and even the Call To Action button style. Yes, that’s right. With the aid of some apps for simple graphic design, you don’t need to be a pro before you can get some appealing graphic designs done. You can also make use of GIFs within the body of your email to make it more fun and interactive. 

6th Element: Social Links

Of course, you’ll want people to be able to interact with you on other platforms. Make this easy for them by including links to your social media pages and website below every email. You sure don’t want to miss out on those who are interested in becoming your social media fans. 

7th Element: Contact Information 

For most email marketing service providers, it is mandatory to have this in place. Your contact information refers to your physical office address, email address, and telephone number. Putting out correct contact information helps your audience reach out to you easily and saves them from being scammed by fraudulent people who might want to clone your business. 

8th Element: The Unsubscribe Button 

As much as you don’t wish for people to unsubscribe from your promotional email newsletter list, you must always give them the opportunity to independently make up their mind. In addition, some feedback will help. Just before they walk out on you, make sure you find out why they wish to unsubscribe from your list. This gives you an idea of what people think of your email marketing campaigns. 


Most email marketing service providers have various templates on their platform to suit whatever style you want your newsletter to resemble. Rather than trying to put together all parts from scratch, select a template that is most suitable for each newsletter type. Note that some templates are free while others are paid for. Also, as a business, get yourself a professional email address that includes your company’s domain name rather than the typical emails address with Gmail or Yahoo extensions. With this, more people will take your business seriously and get converted. Lastly, before you launch your campaign, ensure you test your email to see if everything looks as good as you want it to.


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