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Social Media Marketing BootCamp

If would you like to improve your knowledge of social media marketing by discovering the secrets of getting paying customers and increasing sales online, then this is for you.

This one-day Social Media Marketing Bootcamp organized Big Field Digital is guaranteed to give you practical techniques, tips and strategies to become a social media master and help you win new customers consistently.

You will be learning from digital marketing professionals who have worked for brands in and out of Nigeria.

Imagine learning what top social media marketers know in a day so that you can also grow your business, start a freelance social media marketing business or get employed as a social media marketer in no time – all in less than 12 hours.

At the upcoming Boot Camp, we’ll be covering:

• How to build a perfect social media presence (How to write headlines that increase engagement, build a good reputation and the best type of content that works on social media)
• Four Ways to Use Social Media for Marketing: Social selling, social influencing etc.
• How to create a social media strategy
• Competitor Analysis: Copying successful competitors without violating rights
• Social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and how to use them effectively
• How to determine your target market and where to find them online
• Social media marketing tools and how to use them (Design tools, Publishing tools, Analytics and metrics tools, Automation tools)
• Ad Retargeting
• Social media metrics and KPIs
• Setting up a campaign (not just post boost)
• Campaign Testing and Optimisation (AB Testing, Facebook Power Editor)
• How to set up a shop, products catalogue, email signup form and more on Facebook
• How to start a freelance social media marketing business
How to Grow A Large Following Of Potential Customers.
Why Businesses Fail With Social Media – And How To Avoid These Mistakes.

This is a one-time event that can change your business or career forever.

Who should attend?

Students, Entrepreneurs, those looking to change career to become Social Media Marketers, and anyone with interest in Digital Marketing. Anyone who also wants to enhance their understanding of key aspects of running a freelance Social Media Marketing business can attend.

What should I bring to the event?

*Your desire, questions, pen and paper or laptop/tablet to take insightful notes.
*Coming with a laptop is encouraged but not required.
*There’s FREE internet access

This one-day Bootcamp is designed for total beginners who are interested in social media marketing as a career and business owners who want to understand how to use it to grow their business.

We want this to be affordable to everyone, that is the reason why we have made a 30% discount available to anyone who pays before the day, which means you will only pay #7,000 if you pay before Monday 2nd of October or you pay #10,000 at the venue. (Either way, the worth of what you will learn is 10 times more than its cost) but if I were you, I would call in now to guarantee a spot and also save some money.

For more information
Send an email to bootcamp@bigfielddigital.com
0817-070-1758 Call or Text Only
0812-483-9200 WhatsApp Only

Venue: Big Field Digital, Tafotech Building, Opp. Shoprite, Ring road, Ibadan
Date: Monday, 2nd of October, 2017
Time: 9:30am – 4pm
Fee: ₦7,000 @ 30% Discount if you pay before the day or ₦10K at the venue

Get the info. and toolkit you need to start your own social media marketing career/business for the price of a packet T-shirt!

This one-day Bootcamp is organized by Big Field Digital Ltd.
Bank Account Details
Big Field Digital
Diamond Bank

PS: Pre-registration is required to guarantee participation because there are limited seats.

After the payment send your payment details to 0817-070-1758 or bootcamp@bigfielddigital.com

100% guarantee you’ll be glad you attend.


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