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Social Media Hacking Tips You Need To Know.

Social media hacking is rampant these days and it is essential that your social media accounts are kept secure and protected from hackers to prevent any sort of disclosure of private information or damage to your brand’s reputation. In the world today, social media hacking and cybercrimes happen every 39 seconds while over 300,000 new malware is created daily; even the top guys aren’t exempted, Facebook gets hacked almost 100k times in a day and recently, they experienced a massive security breach. Not too long ago, I carried out research to find out to what extent people search for the phrase, ‘how to hack Instagram account’, my findings showed that so many people keep trying to find answers to that question. This only goes further to tell us how desperate people are when it involves issues of social media hacking, it is no longer stranger to hear that someone’s Facebook or WhatsApp account got hacked. To prevent your account from hackers, you should take the precautionary measures discussed below.

Use A Powerful Password

Using a robust password that can’t easily be guessed or thought about is a meaningful way to secure your social media accounts from intruders. The use of generic passwords like Smart2020, Infinity1990, and all those generic passwords exposes you to a lot more danger than you can imagine. Escape2324@! is a sample of the kind of firm passwords you can make use of, with the combination of special characters, upper, and lower cases,  it won’t be straightforward for anyone to guess it right too soon.

Change Your Password Frequently

It is highly advisable to change your social media password frequently to avoid touching stories. Most people use their name, date of birth, or other information that can easily be discovered as their social media password, this isn’t much of a good idea; however, if you must make use of such passwords, ensure they are changed often. When you experience any of the following, know that it is time to change your account’s password.

  • After a service discloses a security incident.
  • When there is evidence of unauthorized access to your account.
  • When there is evidence of malware (virus or security breach) or other compromises of your device.
  • When you give another someone access to your account, and they no longer use the login details.

social media hacking tips you should know

Activate Two-Step Verification Process

Another way to protect your account is with two-factor authentication. It requires an extra step in the sign-in process to verify that you are the owner of the account. A typical two-factor authentication happens when you log in (first authentication) and then an access code is sent to your smartphone or email which you have to use to get logged into your account (second authentication).

Lastly, with all your personal information floating around online, it should come as no surprise that hackers and thieves are targeting your social media accounts. People often forget how easy it is to let your username, email, and password slip up on the internet, it is highly recommended to always sign out of your accounts whenever you are done with them. Removing any permission of applications once you are not using them, furthermore, never copy and paste your password to a browser. Not only are social media accounts being targeted, so also are websites and other applications. Make sure your web server is secure and be proactive in protecting your information.



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