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5 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Small Businesses in 2021.

Many businesses are beginning to use SMS marketing because of how beneficial it has proven to be, especially its high return rate. You can read our article on the benefits of SMS marketing if you haven’t. However, you can only get the most out of this marketing channel if you use one of the best SMS marketing apps out there. 

You want one that will make your automation process easy if you want to find SMS marketing valuable. If you are a small business, especially, with a small marketing budget, you need to make sure to get the most out of your money. For this reason, I have listed down some of the best 5 SMS marketing apps for small businesses in 2021.

Find them below:



SimpleTexting is a great marketing app because it provides great features, especially as it relates to its automation processes. First, the software is simple to use for beginners and the interface is easy to navigate. With SimpleTexting, you can segment your subscribers’ list based on different categories, and automate keywords for prospects and autoresponders. Besides that, you can carry out surveys and polls, and you have access to your analytics to analyse the performance of your SMS marketing. The cheapest pricing plan of this app starts at $25/month for 500 credits to send 500 SMS in a month. 


EZ Texting

EZ Texting is on this list because it provides all the basics that you will expect from an SMS marketing app and more. The software, particularly, stands out for its engaging interface. You are welcomed with various help tools and contacts to get help immediately you visit the site. You are also offered direction at different points as you use the app in case you run into any hitch.

Apart from that, EZ Texting offers customisable templates that, especially, comes in handy when you want to personalise messages to your subscribers. It also gives you the option to segment your list and send automated keywords to potential subscribers. For MMS, the app also provides access to millions of images from Shutterstock. They have four pricing plans with the cheapest starting at $24/month for 200 text messages.


Text Magic

We regard Text Magic as one of the best SMS marketing apps for small businesses because it is an easy-to-use and highly functional app. The app provides easy automation processes, including segmentation, two-way texting as you can send messages from their number and get replies in your email inbox, the web app, or send messages from your phone number to get replies sent back to your phone number. You can also schedule messages and automate autoresponders for new subscribers or other messages from your customers. 

Text Magic is quite budget-friendly compared to others and it runs a pay-as-you-go service at $0.04/text sent as against monthly subscription. So, you can conveniently use the app to fit your budget considering you are not committed to a monthly payment. The app is also accessible in about 200 countries, making it great for multinational transactions or communication. 



This app has an easy-to-navigate dashboard and great SMS marketing features. It provides you with custom keywords, built-in CTA, and free incoming text messages. You can also set up autoresponders to automatically reply to customer messages and welcome new subscribers. Besides that, you are provided with its MMS feature to send visual messages. 

Unlike Text Magic that operates a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, Textedly, like every other app on this list, runs a monthly subscription pricing structure. Its cheapest plan starts at $24/month for 1,200 text messages and 1 custom keyword. Although you can opt for a monthly subscription, there is an option for an annual subscription that comes with 20% more text messages every month. 



This cloud-based platform is not just known for its valuable features but also because it has great customer service that small businesses, especially, will find useful. TextMarks provides excellent automation processes. You can segment and personalise your subscribers’ list, send and receive messages from your customers and get access to customised shortcodes and an open API. The only downside to this app is that it is quite expensive as its cheapest plan is $199/month, which offers 10,000 messages and 15 unique keywords.


To wrap up, remember that SMS marketing can only be beneficial for your business if you get the permission of prospects, so you will not be flagged down as spam or worse, have a reputation as an unprofessional business. This is probably why the apps on this list of the best SMS marketing apps provide keywords for prospects to ask permission before you start sending text messages. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know if you found it useful in the comment section. 


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