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SEO 102 : How to Drive Traffic and Generate Massive Sales


SEO which is one of the main divisions in digital marketing becomes fun when we apply a procedure and get momentous outcomes in return.

A lot of people tend to see Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing in general as a quest which can only be conquered by the high and mighty in the industry.

Experience really counts in this industry, we cannot dispute that fact. But, we just have to realize how quickly things change.

The major reasons why many of us are frustrated with SEO marketing is because results are not forthcoming. Then we ought to ask ourselves the question, why?

The market and the strategies keep changing by the day as new methodologies keep jumping up.

This basically means that we simply need to stay educated constantly. Shall we return to the business of the day?

In this article, I will be brushing you up with the most recent methods that will soar your deals and furthermore support your return on capital invested in a matter of seconds.

1.  Leverage on the rage with which people use their cell phones

I am certain you that we must have observed the rage with which people use their cell phones these days.

This behavior is very common among the youths and some middle age folks who are mostly businessmen/women.

We just cannot do without our gadgets, it’s like the perfect companion.

Some folks even argued the fact that advancements in smartphone technology may someday take over the place of friendship among we humans.

Well, I agree with that to some extent because where ever you go these days, out of the ten people you ‘ll meet, at least five of them will busy doing one thing or the other on their cell phones.

On the streets, at the airport, in the office, even in the toilet, people can’t just do without pressing their phones.

Now, what does this imply? This is simply just a call for you to get your site and business cell phone prepared.

In case you’re still procrastinating on the incorporation of a mobile application for your business or site, at this point you just have to wake up and see getting mobile ready as an unquestionable requirement for your business.

Additionally, your site must be profoundly responsive and swift with smartphone use. For people that run a WordPress controlled website, there are various plugins that can help upgrade your site portable view and responsiveness.

I for one prescribe Jetpack WordPress plugin. What’s more, peradventure your website is not WordPress controlled, then you may have to seek the counsel of your web designer for the incorporation of mobile responsive features.

2. Great SEO Content will dependably win

As per specialists in this business, great  SEO content will dependably govern the digital marketing space.

With great contents on your webs, contents that your visitors will never see anywhere else. You can have as high as a million hits on your website.

The good thing with great contents is that it doesn’t just get you one time guests to your website. They’ll be aching more from you in the event that you nourishing them with stuff they can’t get elsewhere.

Before you know it, you don’t have to berate your guests with pamphlet enrollment pop-ups on your site. They will be willing to subscribe to your email list for bulletins and updates.

 3.  Videos will influence them to buy

Video marketing has truly picked up some grounds in the business today.

According to Tubular Insights, it is estimated that around 73% of clients will make a buy subsequent to seeing a video.

To a greater extent, making a marketing video is one most effective routes with which you can take without much of a stretch in reaching out to your target audience.

Marketing videos give you the flexibility of passing your message crosswise over to your target audience in the briefest measure of time conceivable.

You are not required to be a genius video recording to make a convincing marketing video. There are a lot of video making devices out there, for example, Video Burst will give your video recordings a touch of class.

In the event that you truly desire to remain above water in the business today. You should and must bridle the power in video marketing.

4.  Maximize the utilization of online social networking platforms

The most effective and the easiest way which you can connect with your target audience is through the use of web-based social networking platforms.

As we speak, more than two billion individuals are effectively registered on one web-based social networking platform or the other.

This basically means that you can reach out to billions of individuals within split seconds about your business.

The advancements in web technology these days have made marketing so easy and effortless such that when you publish contents to your website it can automatically be shared to your social media networking accounts. Isn’t that amazing?

For people that run a WordPress powered website. I suggest you download Jetpack WordPress plugin. Jetpack gives the flexibility of having to share your contents to any of your online social networking accounts at the same time while you publish on your blog or website.

Jetpack gives the flexibility of having to share your contents to any of your online social networking accounts at the same time while you publish on your blog or website.

Web-based social networking is one of the most effective means through which you can relate with influencers in your industry.

As an entrepreneur, you could easily connect with industry influencers such like Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote and the Bill Gates of this world.You get to learn from, and you could also sell your products to them if it’s good enough.

You get to learn from, and also sell your products to them if it’s good enough.

5.  Re-organise your email list

I am always so baffled whenever I hear few people say email marketing is a stale digital marketing technique.

Fine, it is an old innovation, however, it’s still one of the best ways with which you can organically drive traffic to your website.

Visitors who are keen and so interested in your product or services will subscribe to your email list. You can also use lead magnets to get their emails. That is giving something of value like e-books, checklists, free trials etc to get their personal details. You can then follow them up with emails.

Email marketing is also one of the few places where relevance comes to play. You simply need to keep nourishing your guests with what they need and they will always remain stuck with you.

In summary

Take advantage of the rage with which people use their smartphones to market your products and services.

Using relevant SEO content is the key and it will dependably win.

Ensure you Leverage video marketing.

Social media connects you the with the world.

Lastly, generate natural guests to your site through email posting.

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