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Reasons Every Business Needs A Website.

Did you know that the efficacy of every effort you exert on your brand or product in this digital era is hinged largely on the beauty and interactivity of your website? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if a handful of people jump to protest that claim.

Your website is just about the most important in your chain of digital assets for entrepreneurial success, without nullifying the need for other digital assests that you need to employ for an all-round maximization of digital marketing. Some other important tools required for an effective digital marketing campaign may include email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization and other tools that drive traffic and engagement for your brand, product or service.

Let’s get this straight, all digital tactics and campaign strategies are aimed at making your brand, product or service known to online prospects, right?  So, when your campaigns have engaged and led prospects to you, where would you refer them to if you do not have a website? Everything you do on the internet, all activity and inactivity boils down to your website. It is the ultimate channel through which everything you do on the internet should foster conversion. Like Damian Ryan and Calvin Jones says, “your website is the hub of your digital marketing world”.

For example; you begin a social media campaign for your brand with the intention of raising awareness about what you do; your campaign content includes, a short video of your newly acquired workstation with your brand’s theme song in the background and more visuals to show activities your business is involved in. Your awareness campaign is successful and prospects feel the urge to patronise you but do not have a platform to ascertain if you are who you claim to be.

It is synonymous to showing off pictures and telling your friends how beautiful and well decorated your new house is and not expecting them to pay you a visit to check it out for themselves. Similarly, with digital marketing, the engagement an online campaign has created for you will get people trickling in to your website to get more info and probably contact you for patronage. Do you now see why your website is just about the most important asset in your digital marketing arsenal?

Below are four (4) reasons why you should pay close attention to designing or redesigning your website for maximum yield in the digital campaign.

Your website is your referral port


Cambridge English Dictionary defines referral as, an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action. This reinforces the fact that your website is literally the ‘go to’ place for prospects who have engaged with your digital campaign and require more information for further action regarding your brand, product or service.

With the ever growing bandwidth of prospects and engagement that your digital marketing strategies avail you, it is only worth the trouble to give your website visitors a warm and friendly welcome that will keep them coming back for more visits and purchase.

Your website is your virtual office

virtual office

Having directed the attention of your prospects to your website, you need to ensure that the aestheic and content make them feel welcomed and retain them as regular clients. According to the Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes less than two-tenth of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they have perused your company’s website. This simply means that as much as you consistently invest in your physical office for reckoning and brand imagery, you should do more for your website; the competition on the internet is stiffer and the next firm that will attract and win over your prospect is just a click away!

Your website is your conversion point

conversion point

Your website is where the main deal happens, be it product purchase, service patronage, inquiry or subscription to your newsletter or blog. You might think inquiry and newsletter doesn’t add much value to you but it actually does. The fact that a prospect is interested in making an inquiry or subscribing to your newsletter reflects a level of interest. At this stage, all you need is to study them and create strategies to move them from engagement to patronage. Using digital marketing research and a well optimized website design can help you know your audience demographics, such as, their interests, content preference, religious or racial dispositions and more.

Your website is your marketplace

market place

First, your website can serve as the platform where you advertise what you offer, help new customers find you, post clients’ testimonial to improve your credibility and more. It is a marketplace that holds all activities concerning your brand. Through e-commerce, your website is an avenue to improve customer care and an effortless online sales; your reach is also unlimited, anyone with a browser and internet access can visit your site. It is high time you designed or redesigned your website for optimal reach and retaining capacity; we could help you out. Reach out to us and share in the comment section any benefit you’ve gotten from your existing website.


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