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How to Know the Perfect Website for Your Business

How to Know the Perfect Website for Your Business

Is your website making a significant impact on your business? Do you have the perfect website?

Website technology is not just about putting up some web pages as you like, and… nothing else.

If your website will help fulfil your business goals, you have to be deliberate about how it works.

There is a lot of website on the internet, but not all are profitable. The reason is just that the functionality, look and feel of your website have to resonate with your objectives.

Or else, you are just doing it for the fun of it. That’s why many people insist websites won’t work with them.

There’s no truth about that. Websites can work for you, irrespective of your business niche.

If you can sit back, and make a complete note of what you desire to be happening on your website, you will put out something great. You will be able to make an excellent description to your developer.

It’s not late yet. You could still claim back your place on the web.

Consider the following types of website, and see which one resonates most with your brand.


Blogs are similar to news platforms. It’s often an attachment to bigger websites.

However, it could stand alone. Of course, you would have heard about the countless music and gossip blogs we have in Nigeria. The blogging industry is a fast growing one.

But how do you know if it’s the best for you?

Before I move on, note that I’m not discussing blogs used mainly for adverts. This has to do with advancing your products’ reach using a blog.

A blog should be your choice if you sell books or coaching.

Spread over the internet are food coaches, fitness coaches, health coaches, life coaches, and authors. They need to maintain contact with their audience through content distribution. You’ll do good to simply manage a blog.

You can add as many integrations (payment, social media, email subscription) as you deem fit. So, you avoid the stress of managing a bigger website. Not only that. You also make conversion easier.

Standard Website

Our website at Big Field Digital is an example of a standard website.

While you can also integrate a blog here, it goes way beyond it to include a home page and few other dedicated pages.

If your business simply needs quality representation on the internet, go for this. You could have pages discussing your products or services, your company information, and contact mediums.

The most important thing is to understand your business needs.

In this case, your website lets people know about you. Your website visitor could still be far from making the decision to buy.

The goal is to drive people who need what you sell to your location, phone or email.

Enterprise Websites

These include e-commerce and large websites.

Their functionality goes beyond brand awareness. They don’t stay at the start of your customer journey. In fact, it is your company replicated on the web.

So, if you are a real estate agent. You can have a website that does almost everything for you. Visitors could go there to search your portfolio, find advice and make some further decisions before meeting you at all.

Think of how e-commerce websites work. A website visitor may not need to meet with you to buy. You can compare that to just having a representation online.

Enterprise websites are customized to work exactly like your physical company.

But don’t get carried away by the qualities. Check if your business needs something as sophisticated.

If it does, go ahead and scale your business with an enterprise website.

Web Applications

A website consists of static contents given to every visitor, but a web application responds depending on user interactions.

For example, a news site would be a website, but a spreadsheet, instant messenger and collaborative calendar would be web applications.

It’s like when you want a learning management system on your school’s website.  Or something like a customer relations management software for your hotel business. You could see this is much more than just displaying your information.

So, if you feel in-built apps would play some roles on your website. You know what to choose already.


Websites are more important now than ever, as your success in the digital space depends on it. So, you need to have a website that contributes significantly to your revenue.

At Big Field Digital, we’ve been helping businesses do this for years. Let’s talk about your business, and yours could be the next digital winner.

Feel free to ask any question on the best website fit for your business.





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