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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising – Google Ads

With Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, be in front of those who are searching for a business like yours. PPC advertising is an effective way to easily rank on social media and search engines. Ranking organically is an option that most businesses explore but it is very competitive, so ranking on the first page usually takes time. 

However, with PPC advertising, we can help you easily appear on the first page of search engines and rank high on social media platforms. But that is not the only benefit. The plus side of a PPC campaign is that you control the pricing and can work within your budget. Social media paid ads (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and search ads (Google ads, YouTube ads, and Bing ads) work in ways that can help you save time, minimise cost and get a high Return on Investment (ROI). Yes, you only get to pay each time your ads is clicked on by a prospect and you can decide the amount you want to pay per click to avoid overspending. 

At Big Field Digital, we pride ourselves as one of the PPC companies in Nigeria that targets the right audience on the right platforms at the right time to achieve your marketing objectives. With our years of experience as a Pay Per Click advertising company in Nigeria, we achieve your digital goals by;

  • Creating relevant and valid ads based on your product’s Unique Selling Point.
  • Taking advantage of keyword research tools to select the right keywords that will accelerate your ranking on Search Engine’s paid section.
  • Creating the content of your ads and optimising your landing page for better conversion.
  • Setting up your social media and Google Ads account to monitor and track all campaign activities as well as that of your competitors.

Take advantage of our PPC experts to properly position yourself as the leading brand in your industry. Contact us today!

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