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Must-Have Webpages for All Businesses.

You have probably heard that every business needs a website. But is that all there is to it? No, there is so much more to owning a website than just creating a beautiful website online. There is the concern of user interface and user experience, the different webpages and the content to go on the page. For this article, we will be concentrating on the must-have webpages for all businesses. 

The first thing you need to remember is that your website is like your online office and more. What do you want people to see when they get to your office? Surely, you want them to know more about your business and be able to identify all the offices and your team for whatever enquiry or help they need, and you want what they see to convert them to customers.

That’s basically what you want to achieve with your website; you want every visitor to understand what your business is about, the services you offer or products you sell, your values, how to find or contact you, how you can help, and you want them to become customers. All these need to appear on your website but they cannot be lumped together, they need to be arranged accordingly in different pages for a better user interface and user experience, which brings us back to the must-have webpages for all businesses. As a business that wants to thrive online, you have to make sure your website has these pages;

Home Page

Think of the homepage as your reception or guest lounge. This is the first page your site visitors will visit when they login to your website. This page will determine whether they will stay on your website or leave immediately. So your goal on your homepage is to make them feel welcome and answer most of their questions in summary. Your homepage should contain your logo, and your main menu as well as your call-to-action. Let it direct them and show them what they need to do next once they get there; they shouldn’t have to figure it out themselves. Make sure all the other pages are properly outlined and easy to locate. Here is an example of a homepage

About Page

People want to know who they are working with. Think about it; you would probably be more comfortable trusting someone you know or someone open with information about themselves than you would someone who is vague or evasive. The latter would naturally raise your doubts. That’s the same way you might look to potential customers when you have nothing on your page to tell them who you are. The about page is an opportunity to tell them what your business is about, what you do, your company’s values, and very importantly, your team. Most companies omit showcasing their team but it makes customers relate more to your business when they see the bio of the people providing the product or service. Even if you have a large team and everybody can’t appear on the site, show the key members of your team. Check out this About page

must-have webpages for all businesses

Services/Products Page

We probably don’t have to convince you about creating a page for your products or services. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, as far as you sell products, you should have a page to highlight your products and how your customers can get them – remember to always make the process easy; customers will always choose companies that make things easier for them. Provide a vivid product description, focusing on the benefits of purchasing the products instead of the features of the products and make sure to include visual contents to enrich your description. 

For service providers, highlight all the different services you provide and describe why the customers need the service and what the service will do for them. Sometimes, people don’t know they need something until you can enlighten them to see the need, especially if you are providing an uncommon but necessary service. It is important to be conversational so your potential customers can feel a sense of personalisation when they are going through your service page. Go through our services page for more insight. 

Contact Page

So, they have gone through your website, they like what they see or they want more information and want to contact you, how do they do that? You want to provide your contact information across all the various media available. Some businesses include the contact information at the footer of the homepage and you could decide to go that route. 

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy page is one of the must-have webpages for all businesses and unfortunately; many businesses omit it. There is so much discourse on security and privacy risks associated with using the internet that people need reassurance as well as transparency on what is happening with their information and activities on your site. Make sure to be detailed about the privacy policy of your company and your website. See our privacy policy

Blog Page

Some business websites might not need to own blogs at the beginning but after a while, as your business is expanding, there might be signs that your business website needs a blog. However, this is not a rule as you can own a blog immediately you design your website. A blog is an opportunity to show your expertise, communicate with your customers, provide solutions and answers to their questions (especially, frequently asked questions). For instance, through our blog, we relate with our customers, establish our expertise in the industry and have been able to convert visitors to clients based on what was clear that we could offer. 

In conclusion, there are other pages that a website needs to have besides those listed here. However, these are the must-have webpages for all businesses. You should include them when creating a website for your business. If you need assistance in creating a website that is sure to grow your business, you can reach out to us.


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