Meet Abisoye Okedeyi – Our New Creative Project Manager

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We are delighted to announce the addition of Abisoye Okedeyi to the BFD team. His role is to keep our clients happy by ensuring that every project is completed on time, within budget and according to the quality assurance objectives.

He is equipped with top-notch project management skills based on the robust experience from initiating, monitoring and overseeing creative projects in his previous role in the engineering field. Pitching from an academic background in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Abisoye shows a rare dynamism through his ability to introduce and implement fundamental project management practices to the process of monitoring/overseeing client’s projects.

Abisoye’s brilliance is shown in the portfolio of scholarships and awards he earned during his undergraduate days. He held the AG Leventis scholarship award (2013) and also the MTN Foundation Merit Scholarship award (2012).

Abisoye loves to travel, socialize, watch soccer and read widely. He is also a fast car enthusiast. Talking about his crossover from engineering to project management in a digital firm, he had this to say “… every role is challenging and mine is not an exception. I anticipate being promptly familiar with the tools and processes in no time. I cope well with challenges, so I will be just fine”. Showing enthusiasm about joining our team, Abisoye averred “…BFD has motivated me to learn new things. The team is a mix of knowledgeable individuals whom I am learning a lot from, they are cool-headed and helpful. The workplace is a flexible environment and contributions are welcomed. I don’t have the feeling of being left out”.

This just reiterates our commitment to building a divergent team of experts; a team that will effortlessly provide satisfaction for our clients.

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