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Marketing Platforms Every Business Owner Should Embrace.

The competition in the business world has always been stiff, but right now, with so many technological advancements increasing globalisation; the competition is even stiffer. And to survive as a business owner, you have to keep up with the trends. The business environment is even more unforgiving and businesses can fail even before they start.  To avoid being among the statistics, one of the non-negotiable things is having an online presence. Businesses cannot afford not to be online, not if they want to survive in this age. This is where digital marketing comes in, but knowing you need digital marketing is not enough, digital marketing strategies are broad and can be quite overwhelming. However, that is what digital marketing platforms are for, to help you organise and execute your digital marketing tactics to get you where you want to be.

So, what are some of these marketing platforms every business owner should embrace?


HubSpot is a full-service marketing tool that helps you increase sales and boost your relationship with customers using their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. This marketing platform can help you with the organisation and actualisation of your marketing strategies. Some of the features you enjoy with HubSpot include blogging, SEO, email marketing, lead management, landing pages, marketing automation and analytics amongst others. All of these can be achieved using HubSpot.


This tool is the joy of SEO agents because it is a fine tool for both keyword and content optimisation. On SEMRush, you can work on a well-optimised content, from start to finish. You can search for SEO-friendly keywords, create content and get analysis on how well-optimised your content is as well as track how well your content is doing on all distribution channels.


If you have not started taking advantage of this goldmine- that is email marketing, now will be a good time to start. And MailChimp is one of the best tools out there for running email marketing campaigns, especially, because of how easy it is to navigate. You can get email templates to organise your sales letter, segment your subscribers, and schedule your email.

Google Analytics

You want to be able to track your traffic, site visits, page views, bounce rate, and all the activities of visitors to your site. This will help you measure your KPI and note areas of improvement. Google Analytics helps you track all these and give you a detailed report; knowing all the information will help you know the areas to concentrate on and those that need improvement.

All in One SEO Pack

If WordPress is your content management system, this is a plugin and marketing platform you should definitely embrace. This plugin helps you with your SEO by analysing your content to make sure it ranks high on search engines, which is something you are looking for as a business. It is also free and easy to navigate.


Marketing Platforms Every Business Owner Should Embrace


Wishpond is an all-inclusive marketing platform that combines some of the best features of other marketing platforms you can find. The platform helps you identify your target audience, create responsive and SEO-friendly landing pages, perform A/B testing on landing pages, create and organise email marketing, integrate features into your website including chat boxes, track and analyse visitors to your site, and optimise your social media pages for triggers that appeal to your audience, amongst others.


One of the ways you can stay at the top of your game is to know your market and this is where BuzzSumo comes in; the tool helps you learn your market. It helps you understand your competitors, shows you what contents appeal to the search engines as well as your audience. This way, you can properly tailor your content to what is working best.

HemingWay App

This is a great tool for writers and editors because it helps you correct grammatical and spelling errors, identify passive voice, and construct clear yet simple sentences. You can use the HemingWay App for your social media and web content.


Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing but shuffling between all the social media platforms can be quite overwhelming. HootSuite helps you solve this problem by organising your social media marketing instead of visiting each platform. You can create and schedule posts, reply mentions and comments all from HootSuite. This tool definitely makes social media marketing easier and less stressful.

Crazy Egg

The name may sound funny but this is a tool that helps you with your website. Crazy Egg identifies the preferences of your visitors to help you make improved changes to your website without needing IT skills. With this tool, you are saved from the stress of going through several trials and errors.

There are a lot more marketing platforms out there that will help you position your business to compete in the stiff business environment but these marketing tools listed above are very useful and easy to use without prior technical knowledge.


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