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Love Trust Foundation Leaps – Our Proud Social Responsibility


Love Trust Foundation is a charity organisation in Fiditi, Oyo State, Nigeria. They are committed to fighting against poverty in all forms in which it manifests and also alleviating the impact of poverty on society.

Love Trust Foundation achieves their goal through a number of means. They constantly run outreaches and a wide range of initiatives that are all helping them get closer to their vision, one step at a time.

Love Trust Foundation Fiditi Outreach 1.0


Love Trust Foundation Orphanage

Amidst all of this, the LTF also runs an orphanage that’s currently caring for a number of kids and helping them afford a life that’s well beyond the standard of living for the average Nigerian.

Love Trust Foundation Orphanage Children
Love Trust Foundation Orphanage Children


What Could We Do To Help?

We quickly got captivated by the work they were doing at LTF and how determined they were towards achieving their goal. We immediately began to look out for ways we could support the foundation and “chinggg” – we got the idea of helping out with their website.

One major problem we were going to help solve was helping the foundation establish a good online setup that could enable their partners and other people who would love to donate to their foundation do that through the click of a button on their website.

We didn’t waste time at all. We got to work immediately… and now we have this to show forth…!

NEW Love Trust Foundation website


The result of our work was a fully responsive awesome & colourful website that makes online donation “a piece of cake”.


Big Field Digital’s team with Love Trust Foundation’s team


Now, beyond just a website, we believe it is such a great honour and cause to be part of something greater than any single person. Therefore, we have made a decision to fully support the foundation with the sense of social responsibilty!

We encourage everyone to be part of what Love Trust Foundation is doing. We believe it’s a worthy cause!

You can check out and donate towards their planned outreaches and initiatives on their website.


Lend a hand to humanity!



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