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Lead Nurturing Tactics Your Business Should Try.

At some point in the past, you must have been nurtured by a brand you ended up patronising. Customers have different personalities and you must never handle all of them the same way. This makes it important for all brands to apply various lead nurturing tactics while trying to convert a warm customer. A lead or prospect is an individual who seems interested in what a brand offers after coming in contact with such a brand through lead acquisition strategies or other means. Leads include those who visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, makes an inquiry call to your business, downloads your free resources, listens to your podcast, follows you on social media, drops you a comment or direct message.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, several businesses view us as leads. Properly planning your marketing strategies makes it a lot easier to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers. After acquiring these leads, what do you intend to do with them? How do they become financially valuable to your business? This means, how do you walk them through the journey towards becoming paying customers and even ambassadors of your brand?

5 Lead Nurturing Tactics Your Business Should Embrace

Personalisation of Content

There’s so much information in the world currently. To get your leads to listen to you, you need to call them out and serve them the type of content they want. Make them feel like you totally understand what they are going through and know where they are in the buyer journey. It will be wrong to send out content meant for a first time customer to a lead who has only interacted with your brand once.  As much as you want to send out targeted content that includes personalisation (like their first name), also ensure they enjoy immediate gratification from such content. Some brands already use personalisation in their newsletters while others are yet to embrace it. Addressing your prospect by their first name immediately calls their attention to what you want them to take note of.  

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Use Email Newsletters Productively

Do not include email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy just because every brand seems to be using it at the moment. You must know your ‘why’ else you will not be able to use it productively or even keep up with it. When someone signs up for your newsletter from your landing page/website, they did so for a reason. Ensure you meet their expectation else they will be gone. According to statistics found on Alexa, 51% of marketers needed five or more touches in their lead nurturing campaigns. Your email marketing effort is one of those tough points you mustn’t misuse.

The information you serve in your newsletter must be absolutely useful to the receiver and make them feel like you know them so well. In your newsletters, inform them about discounts, latest offers/promotions, how your product works, your big promise and USP. However, be mindful of not making the entire thing seem like a sales pitch.

Engage in Follow Up Calls

People find the act of cold calling very annoying. Follow up calls is very different. After a lead interacts with your brand at the first touchpoint and you collect their telephone details, it is a good idea to give them a call and start building a relationship. During this call, introduce yourself and the brand you represent, let them know your purpose for calling and reassure them that you are always available to guide them if they need help. After this call, you can get in touch with them again after a while if they fail to take any notable action. At this stage, you can discover if they are no longer interested in going on the journey with you or if they got stuck along the way.  In all, follow up calls makes customers feel important. 

Use Retargeted Ads

When running paid ads, you have the option of retargeting your ads. Retargeting is a way of serving ads directly to target people who have previously visited or interacted with your website or social media pages. Remember, when nurturing leads, you are simply trying to move them from the point of discovery to delight where they get satisfaction from consuming your product. Showcasing your ads severally to your ideal customers has a way of registering your brand in their subconscious and making them choose you when they are ready to buy. You can never go wrong with retargeting ads if done properly.

Creating Blog Posts

Some marketers are worried because their blog posts are not read by large traffic; for this reason, they cut down the frequency of their blog updates. The truth is, your blog won’t be relevant to everyone who visits your website as they are all there for different purposes. At a particular moment, some topics will be useful to a lead while others are not; so do not totally remove blog post creation from your lead nurturing tactics.

The need to serve valuable and timely content to leads is very important as they are in the process of making the decision to patronise you. It’s always better when you allow them to feel like they are making a rational decision on their own. In the actual sense of it, your lead nurturing tactics did most of the work in convincing them.


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