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How a Lead Magnet can help you boost conversion rate

I think you will agree with me that it is hard to turn people who visit your site into leads by getting their emails.

Well, it turns out that you can actually get them to not just visit your website but get their emails and even convert them through the power of lead magnets.

You may be wondering, what is Lead Magnet? Allow me to indulge you.

According to Digital Marketer, A Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Think of it as something to attract readers of your website or blog to get their emails. Emails have been around since time immemorial. According to monetate, Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social. This means it is very effective in increasing revenue for your business. The more emails you have, the more revenue you can generate. We all need more emails, don’t we? This is where a lead magnet come in.

Lead magnets can be in form of a downloadable file such as E-books, PDFs, white papers, reports, checklists, cheat sheets, courses, templates or even videos etc.

Why is a lead magnet important for your business?

It is important simply because it will help you generate leads for your business. According to Bounce Exchange, 70 to 96 percent of the visitors abandoning your site will never return. This means the vast majority of visitors to your website won’t convert to leads. More so, they may not drop their emails without getting anything in return no matter how good your brand. There are a number of reasons this usually happens: they may not be ready to commit, they may not be sure what services they need, chances are they are already in business with your direct competitor or they may not just trust your company yet. As an online marketer, it is essential to know that you have to compel them to drop their emails. Now how do you compel them? By bribing them! My thought exactly.

Think of it this way, after reading a post on “Top 5 ways to increase revenue for your business” you are being asked to drop your email for future updates or better still you see to download a free PDF file/E-book on “step-by-step approach on how Bill Gates grew his revenue within 3 months”, kindly leave your email. Which do you think will get more email subscriptions? The second right! Now you get the idea. This is exactly how lead magnets work.

8 great lead magnet checklist

What makes a great lead magnet? How will I know if my lead magnet will help me get more leads? Well, let’s get into it.

  1. Great Headline

    Your headline has to be powerful and compelling enough to attract readers in the first place. What is the use of having a great lead magnet if only a few people get to read it? Once the header is able to grab their attention, they will definitely be curious to know what the content has to offer but you have to ensure that the content is worth it else they won’t trust in your other lead magnets.

  2. Vital Information

    It has to contain vital information that will be worth the reader’s time. Something a reader can use as a reference time and again.

  3. Specific Specific! Specific!!

    It has to be written with a particular niche in mind. It must be tailored to solve a specific problem or offer specific advice or solution to a specific target audience.

  4. Able to quickly digest:

    A valuable lead magnet should contain information that the reader can easily read and digest the information. You don’t want to offer them something that will be a 200-page e-book or they will use 30 days to consume.

  5. Unique Value

    It must provide a unique value, something totally different to the other materials that the reader may have come across. It should do well to change the reader’s mindset about your brand or company to become interested in doing future business.

  6. Expensive Look

    Because you are offering a free content doesn’t mean the lead magnet should look free and cheap. You have to use graphics to make the design more look professional so that the visitors will have a perception of the monetary value of lead magnet and also to understand how lucky they are to get what you are offering for free.

  7. Easily accessible

    It should be easily and readily accessible to the reader. Something the reader can open or use without having to go through the stress of getting it to work.

  8. Promise and delivers

    It’s advisable to figure out what your target market really wants. You can do this through surveys and questionnaires. If you can create a lead magnet around that promises to deliver a specific problem or solution regarding, then there is no limit to the number leads you can get.

In conclusion, after creating a lead magnet using the above checklist as guidelines, ensure you drive traffic to it using emails, facebook, twitter etc. The more visitors you have, the more leads you will get.

If you’ll like a lead magnet for your business, Kindly leave a comment. We will be more than happy to help.


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