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Lead Generation Ideas That Work Every Single Time.

There is more to lead generation than getting traffic to your website; it is about convincing potential clients to take a particular action in order to build a relationship with them that could convert them into loyal customers. This is why generating leads is not as easy as generating traffic. You can put in all your efforts, coming up with different marketing strategies, expecting them to yield results only to find that the results are below your expectations. Thankfully, the situation is not hopeless; you just need to know the lead generation ideas that are bound to work. And in this post, I will be sharing some of those strategies that work every time. 

Write Well-Optimised Content

There are so many blogs today churning out content every day, so basically, you are not doing anything special by writing a blog post. However, what you want to do is offer them value that they will only find in few other places – or not at all and you also want to make sure they can find your content after it is published. Now, let’s take them one at a time. 

In the first place, you cannot afford to sacrifice quality for consistency. What this means is that while you should try to be consistent with your posts, you should still prioritise publishing well-researched and quality contents. When people who need your business come across your posts, it should be enough to convince them that you know your onions and that they can trust you. 

On the other hand, you can only generate leads from your blog posts if your target audience comes across your posts. So, optimising your content for search engines is crucial. Don’t just write posts on topics that appeal to you; use keyword research tools to find topics that people are looking for in your niche, after all the biggest part of any business is solving problems or answering questions. And that’s not all; ensure that you employ the best SEO tactics to properly optimise your content. 

Leverage Gated Offers

What are gated offers? They are contents that are only available when a user performs a specific action on your website. In this sense, it is usually after they fill a form or subscribe to your email list. Whatever the case, the gated offer can be in the form of an ebook, audiobook, webinar, courses, online tools, etc. You have to remember to make sure the offer contains something valuable and something your target audience will be interested in, so they can go through the extra effort of filing a form to get it. 

Lead Generation Ideas That Work Every Single Time

Host Events

Events are effective because experiential marketing works; it is that simple. By hosting an event, you do not just get the opportunity to gather the contact information of leads when they register for the event, you also get the opportunity to create relationships, share value and answer questions at the event. You never know; the only reason a potential lead might not subscribe to your brand could be a misunderstanding and the event can serve as an opportunity to address that. Some events you should consider include webinar, conference, and seminar, workshop, among others. 

Create Useful Videos

One of the lead generation ideas you should definitely explore is videos. Video contents do better than others and you should take advantage of that. However, it is usually advisable to create educational videos that offer value instead of just entertainment. “How-to” videos, especially do great for generating leads.

Share Testimonials

Your potential clients will trust other customers before they trust you and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your brand; it just means that they look at brand marketing content generally with suspicion and you would too if you were on the other side. There is always that fear that the ad is exaggerated or false but if another customer is giving you rave reviews, they are likely to give you a second look. So, share testimonies and reviews you get from other customers to assure them of what they will be getting from you. 

Provide Useful Tools Or Resources

People are always looking for a way to make their lives easier. And if you can provide them with free tools and resources that will make their life easier, you will be putting your brand at the top of their mind as the company that provided them with helpful tools. In consequence, they will be easier to convert to leads and even loyal customers.

Remember that the best lead generation ideas offer value. If you are only outrightly selling; the best copy will not be as effective as when you offer your target audience something that is useful to them or will make their life easier. Share with us other lead generation ideas you have used that have been effective for you. 


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