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How to Launch a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

How to Launch a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

You want to launch a digital marketing campaign so you can reach more people and boost sales.

Digital marketing works. No doubt about that. From larger reach and audience targeting to metrics, digital marketing can speed up your business growth in a short time.

It’s even more beautiful because you can run with any budget.  You’ll be amazed at what an amount as low as $10 will do.

But your success with digital marketing campaign depends on a great strategy. Now, let’s delve into how to craft an effective one.

Research How Your Audience Searches for Your Product

Your business needs to be visible to those looking for it on the web. This is closely related to SEO, and it means that your copy and product names must be what your customers call it.

Yes, you have your brand. This doesn’t mean that you’ll drop your name. But, promote your products with the name your audience are familiar with.

For example, as a web programmer, not a lot of people specifically search with that name. I’ll rather look to find a web designer or web developer instead. I’m sure a lot of people understand the meaning of that faster.

You’ll say you can’t get in the minds of people. So, how do you know what your audience look for?

You’re right. But, it still starts with your intuition. Give yourself options of keywords relating to your products. Then, you should test those intuitions on keyword research tools and social media.

Let me break them down.

  • Keyword Research Tools

Tools like Keyword.io, Wordstream or SEMrush let you understand the volume of people searching for a particular keyword on search engines.

Recently, I used SEMRush in determining the market fit for one of our product names. It was amazing to find that just 140 people search for my chosen keyword in a month. What if I haven’t checked, but gone ahead to implement an AdWord campaign?

We both know the answer to that.

It’s not just about campaigns. This reflects more on your content creation. When you understand how your customers search for you, you know which keyword to prioritise in your articles.

Now, back to my SEMRush. Aside from finding that my choice keyword won’t work, I found alternative keywords people use. These are getting tens of thousands of queries monthly. It helped me make a more appropriate choice.

Let’s see how to use the next method.

  • Social Listening

This is the strategy of tracking what people are saying about your company or industry on the social media. Twitter is the king of this, but you can do it on Reddit, Quora, Facebook and other channels also.

So, type in your keyword and its variants into search boxes on these channels. You’re sure to find discussions relating to your search.

From there, you can study the language your audience uses. If you’re to launch a campaign on these platforms, you know what to say in your copies.

Having understood the language of the conversation, the next thing is how you approach it.

 Meet Them Where They Are

Your audience is divided into three parts: cold, warm and hot. You need to approach each category differently.

  • Attract Cold Audience

These are people you will have to first attract. They don’t know about your business. Neither are they aware of their need for your products.

You could see they are still far from reach. This is not a position to sell. You will commit to delivering value to them consistently.

The people here want to like you first. And the way to that is to help them solve various problems with information.

Let’s say your company sells beds, you can give information on what helps your customers get a good sleep and how to set up a nice bedroom, before offering a bed.

Some of your prospective customers are here. Others are past this stage though. The strategy is to run a campaign specifically for this group.

  • Show Your Warm Audience How Your Products Helps

Your warm audience is the guy whose bed is too hard. He’s looking for solutions that directly or indirectly link to your products.

So, you should target this person with a different message. That could be information on how the lack of sleep caused by hard beds affects the human system. It could also be a review of your own soft bed.

Remember this could be your first contact with this customer. He could also be a cold audience who’ve transitioned to a warm one.

You’re quite close to the paying spot. And that’s the next stage.

  • Sell to the Hot Audience

The hot audience needs a bed. In fact, he’s looking for where to buy already.

There are always people like this within your audience, who really need your product at the moment. It might not make sense to start telling stories to them.

This is often determined by your kind of product. An electric socket is a good example of this. Apart from good price and quality, I don’t need many processes to buy one.

It’s important to understand this part of your product. So, if you know your customer has reached the hot stage, or your product is for immediate sales, don’t wait to sell.

You could see from here that your campaign might be parted into three. However, you can choose one of these audiences and focus on them.

Also, using retargeting, you can choose to bring the same people from cold, to warm and then, to the hot audience.

 Test Your Ad Destinations

Your digital marketing campaign will involve driving traffic from external sources. These include social media, search engine and referrals.

So, your ad destination is where you drive traffic to. It could be a blog post, landing page or chatbot. But for sales, let’s focus on landing pages or chatbots (like Facebook Messenger Bots).

A landing page is a dedicated sales page. It’s not as cluttered with links as your normal page. What it does is simply to convert.

It’s the closest place to conversion. So, it might be the payment page for buyers. It might also be a contact form for leads.

Another option is chatbots, but I’ll dwell on Facebook Messenger. This works best for direct response campaigns. Yes, like direct response mail.

Here, we want to get the customer into a conversation. So, if you understand that your prospective customer will want to talk, use adverts that bring him into your inbox.

Now that you know how to start your digital marketing campaign, get up and grow your business with digital marketing. Please ensure to use the share button.

Do you have questions to ask? Let’s continue the conversation in the comment box.


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