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6 Biggest Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid When Building One.

Yes, you now have an online business which is beginning to generate a reasonable profit and has created room for a steady income. And you have thought, “time to relax!” But then you notice that your website is not effective in converting visitors. You are getting the traffic but they are not converting to potential customers. After all, you put so much into creating the website, so why are you not seeing increased conversion rates? Well, I hate to break it to you but have you checked your landing page? 

Your landing page, which serves as a place to attract leads, might actually be a little less remarkable than you think. The landing page is a web page that offers a guide to visitors and has the goal of converting visitors to leads and eventually paying customers. And if done well, the page will give you the desired results. Remember that most people who land on your landing page have probably clicked an ad or any other marketing material, so they are already interested. You just need to convince them a little more to take further actions to convert them.

When constructing your landing page, you have to ensure that it is error-free and is captivating enough to your visitors in order to turn them into customers. And in this article, I will be sharing some common landing page mistakes to avoid, so your landing page can strike the right emotion and increase conversion. 


6 Biggest Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

Little or No Images

When developing a landing page for your site, images play a vital role. With images, the mind of the visitor will be able to have an instant and clearer interpretation of your brand. Moreover, since landing pages are, many times, the visitor’s first contact with your site, you should ensure that the image is not only relevant but also explanatory and attention-grabbing. Ensure that it strikes the right amount of emotion required to engage and eventually convert the visitor into a paying client. Also, ensure that the right size and pixels are used. 

With that being said, try to be a little creative with your images. For example, if your brand sells champagne, you can use a refreshing image of two clinking champagne flutes containing bubbling champagne rather than just slapping an image of the bottle on some plain background. Combine this with the right image size, pixel and background, and you have yourself an outstanding landing page image. Additionally, remember to represent your brand colour(s) on the page.


Too Many Call-to-Actions

Imagine walking into a store and in-store advertisers keep shoving several products in your face, asking you to purchase. Imagine how stressful that is. In that same light, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. How would you feel if you are faced with several call-to-actions? That’s probably how your visitors would feel. So, for an effective landing page, you have to take things easy when trying to persuade visitors to make a purchase. Don’t treat your landing page like a carnival by shoving CTAs into every space you can find. I know it seems like that’d encourage them to take action but it most likely wouldn’t. More often than not, they’d be turned off. 

Since the goal of a CTA is to inform and guide the visitor on what to do next, ensure that your CTA is clearly stated and keep it at the barest minimum. Also, make it compelling and understandable in one glance. Use short and direct phrases in your delivery. As a way to entice visitors, you can make the opportunity seem limited. Most people will want to jump on a limited offer. But in all, ensure your CTA is not misleading, is relevant and includes persuasive language.


Lack of Mobile Experience

Nowadays, people do a lot on their mobile phones and many access websites with their mobile phones as well. This is why you need to optimize your landing page (and your site as a whole) for mobile compatibility. You’d be losing a lot of potential clients if your landing page does not work properly on a mobile device. If they are frustrated when engaging your page, most of them will leave and go to a competitor with a mobile-friendly landing page

So, you need to stay on top of your game. After working on your page, test it on different mobile devices to see how it works. And make changes where necessary. Some tips to ensure your landing page is perfectly optimized for mobile are; to keep your copy short, place your CTA at the top of the page, use the right amount of visuals and use layout forms that are easy to navigate.



Cluttered Page

One of the common landing page mistakes to avoid is cluttering your page. Just like using too many CTAs, cluttering your landing page with too much information will not only overwhelm your visitors but will also easily put them off. A cluttered landing page will also negatively impact your SEO as it can be misleading to search bots and possibly attract the wrong target market. 

So, stay on topic and be specific; you don’t need to tell them everything on your landing page. Stick to the benefits of your products and show them the next course of action through the CTA. Another way to avoid clutter is by introducing a great headline. Your headline should be noticeable – if not the most noticeable thing on your landing page. It should be good enough to represent your brand and pass your message across. 


Disengaging Copy

Another big landing page mistake is a badly-written copy. You have to find a way to keep your visitors interested and engaged. This is the only way that they can stay long enough to be converted into paying customers. One hack you can leverage, especially if you hit a wall with your copy, is to use customer testimonials. This helps visitors to ‘see themselves in the product.’ This hack even doubles as presenting the social proof of your product. Typical representation of the ‘two birds, one stone’ analogy. 

You should also ensure you lay emphasis on the benefits. Avoid trying so hard to sell the product – even though that’s what you are doing. And focus more on showing what they can get from purchasing it; you need to show them the value you are offering. And in doing all of this, do not ignore the human angle; make sure your copy reflects that you are speaking to humans. Avoid elaborate sentences, include humour (if you can nail it nicely; if not, stay away), highlight the most relevant points and try to be specific with stats.


Targeting the Wrong Audience

There is nothing worst than nailing everything right on your landing page and missing it because you are directing your message to the wrong people. You need to make sure that everything you are doing puts in mind the target audience. For instance, you cannot target men when you are selling makeup products or women when you are selling clippers or offer a Thanksgiving discount outside of the US. Now, while you might find some men who use makeup and some women with short hair, you should focus on the majority of your audience. 

The first thing you need to do is identify them; their age, gender, financial status, location as well as their likes and dislikes. And identify the best way to reach them; the kind of language to use and even the images. If not, you will have an ineffective landing page and would have wasted resources. So, you have to ensure that you are reaching out to the people who are likely in need of your product/service.


Finally, you have it; 6 landing page mistakes to avoid. So, let us know in the comment section if you enjoyed reading this post.


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