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Here’s How We Keep Up With Evolving SEO Trends as a Digital Agency.

The digital world is ever-evolving and if you want to remain relevant as a business, you must keep up with trends in digital marketing, including SEO. Evolving SEO trends majorly has to do with search engines updating their algorithm regularly. And since we are optimising for search engines, it calls to reason that we try to keep up, so we are not left behind. 

SEO is very competitive as we all know; therefore, it is only expected that you do what you can to give your website an edge by doing all you can. Knowing this, as a digital agency, we make sure, in Big Field Digital, to constantly keep up to date with the evolving SEO trends. And we will be sharing how in this article. So, let’s get to it:


Constantly Learning

You cannot properly keep up to date with evolving SEO trends if you are not willing to keep learning. You might know so much, but that knowledge might be redundant in five years. And if you don’t start learning what will be necessary for the future now, you will have a late start. To avoid that, learning is very important. Thankfully,  there are many learning channels out there today. 

For instance, you can apply for certified courses from platforms like SkillShare, HubSpot Academy, Coursera, Udemy and Big Field Digital Academy. You can read books, industry news, publications, blog posts, magazines, and also leverage multimedia like Youtube and podcasts. Basically, you should take advantage of any channel from which you can learn, especially the free channels but don’t neglect certifications as well. For us at Big Field Digital, we don’t take learning for granted; every member of the team is encouraged to be a voracious reader and register for relevant courses that will help us hone our skills. 


Other Industry Leaders

No man is an island of knowledge. Even if you consider yourself a  pillar of knowledge, you should know you can learn from others too. Don’t ever get to the point where you feel like you know it all or you are too big to learn from others. This emphasis is necessary because registering for courses or reading books and industry news might be easier for some people but it becomes a struggle to learn from people they can put a face to. 

If you can relate, you shouldn’t let this mentality stop you from gaining what you can from industry leaders and others in the industry. Pick a select group that you know share relevant tips and follow them on social media for those tips. Linkedin is great for this but the other social media platforms can work as well. 


Google Trends and Alerts

Google Trends and Google Alerts are also great ways to keep up with evolving SEO trends. You can go to Google Trends to see what people are searching for. However, since there’s usually a lot happening on Google, you can streamline your search to a certain topic. On the other hand, Google Alerts sends you alerts via email when certain words appear in search results. So, you just have to inform Google of the words you need to be alerted on and you can edit how often the alerts can come in as well as choose your preferred region if you so wish. 

Keeping up with evolving SEO trends as a digital agency



One mistake you can make with SEO is to be so focused on optimising for search engines that you don’t consider the humans who will be reading. Besides, search engines will always go where the people go. So, using customer needs to keep up with evolving SEO trends is something we often do, as a digital agency. We monitor general market trends and we listen to our customers when we communicate with them. We take their concerns or needs into consideration in our business operations and definitely, our digital marketing.


Industry Events

There is so much you can gain from attending industry events. Apart from the networking that is always advised, there is always a chance of having a conversation with someone that will give you insight into the latest industry trends. The speakers lined up for the events might also open your eyes to new ideas. 



Don’t limit your competitors to other small companies just because you are a small business as well. Big brands can be competitors, especially when it comes to learning from them (what they are doing right and even what they are doing wrong). Remember that their size means they are doing something right and you could learn from it. This is more subtle though as you will have to monitor their SEO tactics to see what they are doing differently. 


Social Media Trends

Twitter, especially, is great for following social media trends because it is easy to head to trends on Twitter to find the trending hashtags and topics. So, while we don’t neglect other social media platforms, Twitter has been greatly helpful in showing us what people are talking about, the questions or problems they have and what they will like to be addressed. Of course, it goes without saying that you do not need to jump on every trending topic; just focus on those that affect your industry or niche. 


To Wrap Up

Keeping up with evolving SEO trends is important to succeed as a business in this digital age. And we believe that you now know how to keep up with evolving trends. However, if you still need help with your SEO and other digital marketing campaigns, you can reach out to us


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