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Is Creating Animated Explainer Videos Right For Your Brand?

Does your content marketing affect your conversion rate? Yes, it does without any doubt. Video production is one content marketing strategy you should tap into if you wish to experience higher engagement, dwell time, and be more memorable. There are so many other types of video marketing formats that exist, some of them include webinars, live streams, tutorials, product videos. Your current need for a video helps you decide which format to go with. For the purpose of this article, we’ll help you figure out if your brand should explore creating animated explainer videos or not. 

An animated explainer video is a type of video marketing that aims at helping a brand’s target audience understand how the brand operates, the use of their products, or enjoy their services. As the name implies, this type of video simply explains things to customers in an engaging way. This type of content can be applied by both product and service-oriented brands. As long as you are out to educate people about your brand, services/products, and mode of operation, creating animated explainer videos is surely an option to consider.

Animated explainer video for SellOff.ng

Before you start creating animated explainer videos answer these 3 questions.

What’s Your Goal?

You must identify your goals/objectives before you embark on this route and discover how it affects your bottom line. You should be aware that unlike other forms of content marketing, video production involves more investment in terms of time, budget, and human resources. Having set goals makes things clear to every member of the video production team. It also helps you know how to measure your success or otherwise. With clear video marketing goals, you won’t be creating video content that only drives awareness when your brand actually needs sales and customer loyalty.

Do You Have The Required Expertise?

Some key players you’ll need for the successful creation of an animated explainer video includes your Scriptwriter, Voice-Over Artist, and Motion Graphics Designer. Your team should come together to map out your video concept then discuss this with your Scriptwriter who will do an excellent job of writing out the exact words you’ll want to convey to your audience. This should also be properly edited before getting it to the voice-over artist. Pass on the voice recording and script to the Motion Graphics Designer who then draws up his storyboard, creates the animated characters, matches the visuals with the voice-over and sound elements. 

Remember that even in yout video production, most of those who consume it will do so via their mobile device. For this reason, when creating your video, ensure it is suitable for mobile devices as 75% of all video plays are done on mobile.

What Distribution Channels Will You Use?

Creating animated explainer videos doesn’t stop after production. To get a tangible return on your investment, you should engage your digital marketer to identify the best platforms to position this content on. Some of the relevant and prominent spaces you could position the video on includes your website header or product page, social media feed and stories, as well as youtube channels. Once launched, your digital marketer will also track the impact of this effort on your brand.  

With every new animated explainer video you create, your brand will keep learning and making changes to various elements till you get it right. In addition, your brand benefits more when your video effort is consistent. This implies that you mustn’t stop at your first video but must keep up with it till the results are impressive enough. If you also want to explore other types of explainer videos, you could try whiteboard or live-action explainer video. 

Animated explainer video production is one of the marketing services we offer here at Big Field Digital. If you decide to create your first animated explainer video after reading this article do send us your brief. 


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