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How to Install SEO Squirrly Plugin to your WordPress Site

Search Engine Optimization popularly known as its acronym SEO is a very important part of digital marketing. If you want your website to rank on the first page of search engines or increase traffic to your website, then your best bet is optimizing your website. That being said SEO optimization isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes continuous time, effort, patience and lots of tweaks to see eventually see results. You can read more about SEO on SEO 101: Definitive Guide to SEO. Not many people have the knowledge of SEO while others are not patient enough to see the rewards of their efforts. They get frustrated easily. This is the reason why website owners rely on other means like social media, display ads, Google AdWords etc. to drive traffic to their website.

What is the use of having a website if no one visits it? You may be wondering how you can increase traffic to your website but you have no prior SEO experience. Well, I’m happy to inform you that there is an effective tried, tested and trusted way you can go about it with the use of a plugin called SEO Squirrly. The job of a traditional SEO consultant is to analyze, review and improve websites, provide expert advice and actionable recommendations. With this, you can achieve higher Google Rankings, and monitor SEO performance. This is the core of what an SEO consultant does. And the software created by Squirrly covers all of it.

If you are using a WordPress website, I’m pretty sure you already know what a plugin means. For those who don’t know what plugins are, they are effective ways of increasing the functionality of a website. It allows a website to display additional contents it wasn’t designed to display originally. This is what SEO Squirrly aims to achieve. It works well for those who don’t have prior SEO experience or as I like to put it, non-SEO gurus.

Even Neil Patel himself recommends it. Some of its features include:

  • Making sure your content is human-friendly.
  • Ensuring your content is Search engine friendly (Providing a live feed of how your content will look like on Google, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Finding the best keywords your site could rank for (Up to 5 keywords for each page).
  • Providing additional SEO tips that will boost your site rank.
  • Free Access to our Support team via email, Youtube live chat, twitter, Facebook messages, in-plugin support option.

It has a lot of additional functionalities that will increase your website traffic and make it rank higher in next to no time. I know you can wait to know how to install it.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Install SEO Squirrly Plugin on your WordPress site

There are two easy ways to install SEO Squirrly plugin. You can equally use these methods to install any plugin of your choice.

  • Download and Install plugin from Google
  • Install directly from WordPress dashboard

Method 1: Download and Install Plugin from Google


To download and install from Google, you must first search for the plugin on google.

So the first thing to do is to go to google, search for SEO Squirrly and click on it.

Squirrly Plugin Google search


Next, click on Download.


Plugin Download


After downloading the plugin successfully, it’s time to upload it in WordPress.

Go to Plugins > Add new. Then Click on upload Plugin.

Add New WordPress

Upload Squirrly Plugin on WordPress


Next, check your downloads folder for the file which is usually in a compressed format. You don’t need to extract it. Just click on Choose File and then Install Now.

SEO Squirrly4


After it has installed successfully, click on Activate Plugin.

Squirrly SEO2


After activation, it will take you to Squirrly.co login page. Enter your email address, check the “I Agree with Squirrly Terms” checkbox and then click on Sign Up.

SEO Squirry9

Congratulations, you are now an SEO Squirrly ninja ready to use its features. Click on Get started.

SEO Squirrly6

Method 2: Install directly from WordPress dashboard

The second method is to install SEO Squirrly directly from your WordPress dashboard. I personally recommend this method because it’s faster. I use this method to install all of my plugins.


First thing is to go directly to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New.

Add New WordPress 2


Enter the SEO Squirrly into the search box.

search wordpress


Once the search returns the result and you’ll SEO Squirrly, click on Install Now.

Install WordPress



After installation, Activate the plugin. It will take you to Squirrly.co login page. Enter your email address, check the agree box and click on Sign Up.

SEO Squirry9

Congratulations, you are now ready to use SEO Squirrly and its features.

SEO Squirrly6

There you have it! Two methods to install SEO Squirrly plugin in WordPress. You’ll agree with me that the second method is faster. It’s up to you to decide which method you’ll love to use. Before you start using Squirrly, feel free to view this video to learn about the software’s latest features and it’s application.

The truth about plugins is once you start using them, it makes your job easier. You won’t be able to do without them. If you have any issues regarding downloading, installing or activating this plugin, kindly leave a comment below. And if you like this article, kindly share it with your friends!



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