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Effective Influencer Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business.

Influencer marketing is revolutionizing marketing both digitally and traditionally. And this is because influencer marketing is a good tool to create brand awareness, improve brand exposure and gain new customers. However, as powerful as this tool is, you can only get the expected results if used properly. You need to execute your campaign with the right influencer marketing strategies to achieve your goal with influencer marketing. If not, your efforts might be akin to fetching water with a basket. So, that said, here are effective influencer marketing strategies to grow your business.


Set a Campaign Budget

To get the best out of influencer marketing, you need to ensure you know all the financial requirements of the campaign. Outlining the items you would need for your campaign would help you run it better. So, the first thing to do is to research the cost of hiring an influencer and compare it to your capital. This way, you can prioritize which influencer you can afford that can also benefit you. With a properly planned budget, you can know how long you can run influencer marketing and the scale you can run it. A budget also gives you focus and helps you set more realistic goals.

While making your research, you can find that you cannot afford to run a campaign at the moment; that is okay, and it is not a lost cause. Instead, once you have considered the scale and duration of the campaign, you can focus on raising funds for it. There are several ways to raise funds for your business to support your campaign. Then when you have the funds, you can now set out to create a budget based on what your business can afford to spend on it. 


Set Criteria Before Hiring Influencers 

A common mistake most business owners make in influencer marketing is hiring just any influencer. Influencers should not be hired based on the vastness of their audiences alone. It is good to know the landscape of an influencer before hiring one. However, the problem with this is that the influencers’ identities and niches may conflict with your business goals and identity. Even your audience can be confused when they see an influencer whose identity conflicts with yours speaking for your brand.

Although there are creative ways to connect the two elements in an ad, it is better when both are related. Note that influencers have large audiences because of their niches and identities. So, it is best you find an influencer that aligns with your business goals and identity so you can appeal to their audiences effectively. Influencers also tend to perform better when you put them in their element rather than in a strange one.  


Educate Your influencers About Your Brand 

Educating your influencers about your brand is another good influencer marketing strategy. Your influencers should know your brand’s vision and the processes that make your product or service unique. With this knowledge, the influencers can put more effort and creativity into promoting your brand. If your influencers are uneducated about your brand, it would affect your campaign. The captions would be lifeless and so will the consistency of the promotions of your influencers.

This is why it is crucial that you educate your influencer about key details of your brand. Giving them a tour of your brand and allowing them to experience it can go a long way. This way, you can get the possible best out of the influencer’s passion and creativity. 


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Carry Your influencers Along With Your Strategy

Any new development in your campaign should be communicated with your influencer till they understand. They might be on your payroll but you need to respect them as your partners in achieving your marketing goals. It is inappropriate to send content to them at the last minute or post related to the campaign without informing them. Any sudden change can throw your influencer off, which will not benefit your campaign. Instead, carry them along every step of the way. In fact, this strategy is a PR strategy as it strengthens the relationship between you and your influencers. And when there is a mutual cordial relationship, it will improve the way they present your brand to their audience. 


Create a Community of Influencers 

What’s better than one influencer? A whole community of influencers that support your brand. You can create a culture and a community out of your audience with multiple influencers. Your influencers can mix their creative content or personalities together to make your campaign stand out among others. The beauty of having a community of influencers is the increased exposure of your brand. More influencers mean a larger audience to convert into customers.

This influencer marketing strategy will guarantee your brand’s exposure and prospect conversion. People enjoy seeing their favourite influencers crossover and collaborate. It’s even better when your brand is responsible for this sometimes rare collaboration. Even if you only have two influencers, make a community out of them. A strong community of influencers will compel other influencers to join.


Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a common marketing strategy used by most brands to expose themselves to new audiences. To make this strategy more effective, integrate influencer marketing with the giveaway campaign. We’ve established earlier that influencers have a vast and active audience, you can use giveaways to attract their audience. Create hashtags for your giveaways and inform your influencers to encourage their followers to use the hashtag to participate.

If you have created a community of influencers at this point they can make your hashtag go viral. Your hashtag would travel far once your influencers have urged their fans to use it in order to stand a chance to win the giveaway prize. Their followers wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity your giveaway offers. 


The overall essence of using these influencer marketing strategies is to expose your brand to new audiences and generate leads that could be converted to customers.

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