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Twitter Cheat Sheet: Reach up to 40, 000 Followers in 3 Months

A recent study by Beevolve claims that the majority of the Twitter users have less than 50 followers and only a minuscule percentage have followers more than 100,000.

But how do you attain the influencers’ club?

Ben Kazinik is our friend at eClincher, a social media management application. In this blog post, he shares the proven formula for becoming an influencer on Twitter.

Are you tired of looking at other people succeed? Are you asking yourself how they do it and how come you haven’t been able to get to their level yet? I know I have until I found a few amazing tools to boost my social media performance dramatically.

How many people told you that there is no secret formula when it comes to social media? Almost everybody right? I found a formula that helped me and my team get to 40,000 followers on twitter in 3 months, bringing in hundreds of leads to try our product. Here is how we did it:

Step 1: Maximise your Twitter Profile

twitter cover

Maximize your profile. Use a friendly picture, write a compelling and descriptive bio under it, and put words in your banner. When people look at your profile they can read about you and your product from both the banner and your bio.

Step 2: Follow 100-1000 followers of your influencers every day

If you are trying to grow your following, you need to follow people, so that they could follow you back. Twitter limits the amount you can follow by the amount that follows you, so you have to be smart when you click that follow button.

The best way to get more followers is by adding people that are interested in the same things that you are, in other words, that are following similar influencers or businesses on Twitter. You can use eClincher’s influencer feature to find people in our industry, and there are many different ways of doing this.

You can choose the score of the influencer you are looking for, and type in any keyword, and voila! You have a long list of people to choose from.

We spend 2-4 hours on Twitter every day following new people, and because they have similar interests to us they are more likely to follow us back.

Step 3: Unfollow people that aren’t following you back

Since Twitter limits the number of people that you can follow, based on the size of your following, you have to unfollow some people. We found an amazing tool that automatically helps us to weed out those people that are just not interested in us, excluding the ones that haven’t had a chance to check us out yet.

This amazing tool is called Status Brew and here is how you use it.

Once you add your Twitter account, scroll down and click on “Not Following Back”

Then add a filter to exclude everyone that you followed in the last 7 days:

Tip: We found that you need to be on the premium plan with Status Brew for 7 days until you can use that filter. So we waited for a week and then the game was on. Unfollowing people that don’t follow us back gave us the ability to go out there and follow more people using our influencer search.

Step 4: Send a Welcome Tweet and Welcome DM to every follower!

But what happens when people start following you back? You have to be ready. Status Brew offers another amazing tool. It’s auto welcome tweets and DM’s. We saw that our conversion went through the roof when we starting using those.

Another great tool we used to boost our engagement is eClincher’s unified social inbox. It’s the one place where we could engage with all of our channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you name it). Instead of logging into each channel separately, we log in once to eClincher’s interface and see all of our engagements.

You can check the box to see only the direct messages or only the new followers. It’s super flexible and allows you to focus on the customers that need you the most.

What’s the last piece of our equation? You guessed it!

Step 5: Schedule and Recycle Your Posts Automatically

Instead of wasting valuable time logging into Twitter at particular times of the day we used eClincher’s queue feature to automatically schedule our posts for the next month. It took us only 4 hours to schedule everything, and we were done!

If you choose the Recycle Queue option then your content is recycled, and gets posted virtually forever! You don’t need to continue re-inventing the wheel each month. Just take your most popular posts in the last year, and add them to the recycle queue so your new followers could read your greatest stuff.

It’s a win-win.

Using eClincher’s powerful autoposting and engagement features plus automating welcome messages and unfollowing the people that don’t follow you back with Status Brew’s platform took us from 0 to 40,000 followers.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourselves and tell us how it worked for you.

To Recap:

Step 1: Maximize your Twitter Profile

Step 2: Follow 100-1000 followers of your influencers every day

Step 3: Unfollow people that aren’t following you back

Step 4: Send a Welcome Tweet and Welcome DM to every follower!

Step 5: Schedule and Recycle Your Posts Automatically


I hope that this post was helpful to you. If you have any questions/comments/concerns email me at ben@eclincher.com


Ben Kazinik (@eclincherrocks) is an inbound marketer for eClincher, the world’s most powerful social media management platform. He enjoys hiking, cooking, soccer, and visiting his family around the world.







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