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IGTV Ads Feature; What It Means For Content Creators.

With the help of platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tit Tok, and the rest, showcasing your talent, generating a fanbase and building a personal brand has become easier than ever. In fact, many of these platforms acknowledge that creators are at the core of their existence. Therefore, they work tirelessly to create features on their platform that boosts their drive to create more content in ways that can be monetised. Content creation is no small job as it takes up mental energy, time, amongst other valuable resources. If a means of livelihood can’t be made out of these platforms, most people will not be encouraged to put in their all to provide all the mindblowing content we enjoy regularly on social media.

What Does IGTV Ads Feature Mean for Content Creators?

Last week, Instagram announced that they will be introducing ads in IGTV; it is safe to say IGTV ads is the most notable feature that has been added since the launch of IGTV in 2018. With this new feature, content creators will begin to see IGTV as a space where they can earn money by producing high-quality content that is suitable and complies with the rules of IGTV.

How It Plans To Work Out

This feature has been created in a way that benefits creators who are able to put out captivating, relevant, fun, useful, and relatable content. IGTV ads will not show when a viewer watches your content from your IG feed unless they click on your video preview to watch it on IGTV. This goes without saying that a video that doesn’t grab a viewer’s attention until they get prompted to watch the full video in IGTV will miss out on earnings from the ads. Since most Instagram users access the platform from their mobile device and they want to enhance user experience on the app, the ads will be made to fit mobile devices – they will be vertical videos. In  addition, the IGTV ads duration will be up to 15 seconds long.

IGTV Ads Feature

Just before we all get too excited, the company has decided to only make this feature available for some creators and advertisers in the United States of America as they begin to test how IGTV ads feature will work out for creators on the platform. From the experience of their test groups, they will fix whatever issues they observe, expand to more regions, and implement other features like the ability to skip an ad just like you do on YouTube. Generally, Instagram has been studying their platform and its users’ behaviour, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, to see how they can use the platform to improve businesses and touch lives. For this reason, they have introduced some other features that are worth mentioning.

The stay at home mandate in most countries led numerous businesses and creators to adopt the IG Live feature to stay connected with their tribe, fans, and customers. Since the company noticed viewers acceptance of these Live events, they decided to introduce Badges in Live videos. IG Live Badges work in ways that help the content creators generate money from their content. So here is how it works. Once a viewer purchases a Badge during a Live video, the Badge will appear right next to their name and make them stand out in the comment section throughout the video. Furthermore, with a badge, viewers can have access to some other unique features and a special heart. Just like with the IGTV ads feature, Badges will be tested soon by creators in selected countries.

Before we wrap things up, we should mention Instagram’s introduction of the Live Shopping feature. Imagine that Instagram influencers who want to make reference to a brand during their Live sessions can tag those brands in their videos? Well, there’s no point imagining; the company has already made this possible! As a talented individual or creative brand, there’s no reason not to make use of all these exciting features Instagram is reeling out to earn some more money from the comfort of your home – with great content.


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