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How to Write Compelling PPC Ads Text.

Digital marketers know the place of PPC Advertising in any digital marketing campaign. In case you are wondering why, this is because of the millions of entries that Google processes every day, consequently increasing the competition for visibility. PPC advertising, however, ensures your ad is prioritised by Google, increasing your visibility. However, while different components make up a compelling PPC ad, the text is the heart of the ad because you could get everything right but if you get the text wrong, it will mess up your campaign. At first glance, many writers might feel like they can write compelling PPC ads text easily. But writing compelling PPC ads text requires more than just being a good writer, you need to apply certain creative tips to write ad texts that can attract the right customers. And we will be discussing some of these tips in this article.

Be Specific and Concise

Remember that even though Google is going to give priority to your post, it will also be based on what the audience searches for. What this means is that you need to be detailed and specific about what exactly you will be offering them. And not fall into the trap of writing something generic. Now, let’s say you offer digital marketing services and you want to create an ad for say, your PPC services. Instead of speaking generally about offering PPC services, state what the clients stand to gain by working with you as against working with another PPC agency, after all, you are likely not the only one offering PPC services in your locality or if you are targeting a global audience, you are competing with more agencies. 

Besides being specific, you also have to be concise. Paid ad texts are limited by characters, so you don’t have the luxury of using a lot of words. In as few words as possible, let your potential clients know what you are offering and what unique advantage you have over your competitors. 

Create the Right Headline

The first thing searchers will see is your headline and your headline will also determine if your ad will come up when searchers search for what relates to your ad. Therefore, you have to make sure your headline is attention-grabbing. The key to writing a good ad headline is to ask yourself these questions;

  • Will I notice this headline or will it stand out if I am just scanning through the website or am I in a hurry?
  • Does it show what we have to offer our potential clients?

For the first one, the truth is that many people just browse through the internet in a hurry and so, if you cannot grab their attention at first glance, you might lose them. So write something that, if written by another, would grab your attention at first glance. Secondly, people are not as interested in what you do as they are interested in what you have to offer them. So, let your headline include the benefits instead of a description of what you do. 

How to Write Compelling PPC Ads Text

Include Compelling Call-To-Action

So, you have told them what you have to offer them, what are they supposed to do? You might be thinking that the next line of action should be obvious but people actually need guidance and people will always choose brands that make things easy for them. Do you want them to sign up for something, buy something, register somewhere? Make it known. Then include a link that doesn’t just lead to your home page but to the exact page that contains what they need. For instance, if you want them to sign up for something, make sure the link leads to the sign-up page and if it is to buy a product, lead them to the product. 

Use Emotionally-Charged Words

Some words are powerful when you want to write compelling PPC ads text. You should use words that will elicit excitement, hope, pleasure, fear-of-missing-out and interest, and you score major points if you can make each potential client feel that the ad was created with them in mind. Words like enjoy, hassle-free, free, easy, now, today, offer, imagine, instant, extra etc have been found to perform well.

In conclusion, it is important to test your ads; use different headlines, keywords, call-to-actions and different words for the body of the ad to see what works better for your industry and target audience. Pay attention to all the different features of your ads, it will help you create better ads text going forward. Also, you can use tools like the Hemingway App to write concise sentences and CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for your headlines.


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