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How To Win At Your Digital Media Campaign.

Digital media campaign, like the games of chess, requires much tact, foresight, and prompt decisive actions. More so, it requires a very strategic and calculated approach. Well, the good news is, like the game of chess, it is always possible to win but you have to be a pro to win all rounds of the game.

Ok, wait a minute. Let’s rewind things so that you can get a breakdown of how to get it all done.

Approaching from a basic perspective, I will assume, incorrectly, though, that you don’t have background knowledge of what digital media campaigns are.

Knowing the ‘Digital’ in the Campaign

So, what is digital media campaign? I suppose that the answer to that is very obvious. A digital media campaign is what your community manager/social media manager does. It is the set of strategies employed on digital platforms to drive engagement with your brands and ultimately turn that engagement to leads for conversion.

Now, that sounds quite easy! As easy as getting online and punching a few keys, right? There is no telling what goes into the time and effort to create a well-structured and effective digital media campaign from an outsider’s view.

Talking about the results of a well thought-out campaign, HubSpot has this to say, “social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC.” That shows the effectiveness of a quality campaign. Nielsen research revealed that approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision.

You just don’t want to miss out on these pool of prospects for your business. So let’s examine some digital media types.

Digital Media Types                                                       

Digital media types for campaigns come in varying forms. However, I will just consider two here. There is the ‘Paid Media’ and the ‘Owned Media’. Chuk Hemann and Ken Burbary succinctly explained it thus, “paid media is literally just that digital media channel that a brand pays to utilize.” Examples of these are the Google AdWords or display banners etc. Owned media is “…any media or platform that a company owns, controls, and utilizes to reach prospective clients.” Examples of these are the websites, emails, blogs and brand’s social media accounts.

It is clear that almost every firm uses both types of media for their campaigns, but they are almost always used independently. Here, however, I am proposing a hybrid of both for a formidable campaign that is a sure-bet for a premium result.

The Hybrid

Individually, the paid and owned media can be very effective mediums for a digital marketing campaign. Without a doubt, stats abound on the benefits of using each for brand campaigning. See this article for more details on how your website can be used along with other digital campaigns for optimum results.

From trends, it appears that brands have used these two mediums independently and unknowingly. It is common-placed to find organizations unconsciously differentiating between the ‘paid’ media and its result from their ‘owned’ media.

A good example of hybridization is a quantitative click analysis of your online ads and website visitors to determine the happenings on your site and qualitative user experience feedback posted on your social media pages.

If anything, some don’t even see their owned media as an avenue for raking in results. Most organizations perceive their owned media as necessary parts of business processing, not as much as a tool or medium for a win-win digital campaign.

Your website, corporate email and signatures etc. are supposed to be in sync with your online adverts and banners. See this article for more info on the subtle digital mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

As for the blogs and social media accounts, there has to be a constant reference or call-to-action that links back to your corporate website. Also, your social media accounts should be accessible on every digital trail that you leave online. Thereby, users can always reach you by just one click.

This way, every of the digital tools and medium at your disposal is consciously being engaged in your digital marketing campaign and the metrics should be well documented for insights on where to improve on or what to tweak to achieve better results.

Another aspect of your owned media’s hybridization with paid media is getting your email signature to have links to your social media accounts for direct likes, and following. All of these are integral parts of creating a formidable digital campaign that is sure of all-round results.

I hope you are now more inclined to see and use all the digital resources at your disposal for that turbo-charged digital campaign that guarantees a super result. In subsequent posts, we will introduce a third digital media campaign type callled the “Earned Media” so stay connected with us.


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