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How to Properly Launch Your Brand on Social Media.

You have been told that your business should be on social media and you know the benefits of having an online presence. You also know that you cannot run your business’ social media accounts like you would a personal account. So, your experience growing your personal account – although not totally useless – does not count that much. But how do you start something you have not done before? The first thing you need to do is make sure the foundation of your social media account is solid; then you can properly build on it. If the foundation of a building is shaky, the entire building will be shaky as well; that is why you need to learn how to properly launch your brand on social media. And that is what this article seeks to address.


The first thing you need to do before you start anything is to do proper research. Ask yourself how you would want your brand to be represented on social media, what you want your target audience to see when they visit or come across your account and what platform will be more beneficial for you based on your target audience. The reason for these questions is because the answers will influence the social media platform you will prioritise, the kind of format your content will take and the social media management and marketing strategies you will employ.

Work On Your Profile

When you have rightly answered the questions above, the next thing is to open a business account and get to work. Now, remember that the business account is different from a personal account. Therefore, you should open a business account and not a personal account; thankfully, there is provision for that. For instance, you can open a business account on Instagram and a page on Facebook, instead of the usual account. You will have access to analytics and be able to sponsor ads with a business and not a personal account.

How to Properly Launch Your Brand on Social Media

When that is done, you should work on your profile by providing an accurate, detailed and concise description (bio on Instagram) of what your business is about. To craft a good description or bio, think about what you do, what value you have to offer your clients and why they should pick you instead of any of your competitors. Then, get a good profile picture that properly represents you. You can use a personal picture if you represent your business or use a logo if your business does not have a face. 

Craft an Introductory Post

Remember that this is the first post that will officially launch your brand on social media, so think of it as you telling people a business like yours exist and telling them what they stand to gain from following you or liking your page. You can also expand your description or bio in this introductory post. While the former is limited by characters, you are not limited by characters for the latter, so take advantage of it. However, there is a balance to it; try to be concise as well; people do not have the patience to read too long contents, especially on social media. Make sure your accompanying image or video is of good quality and the caption captures the meat of what you want to say in your introduction. Also, add a call to action for them to follow/like. Lastly, if it is not above budget, you can sponsor the first two or three posts you make on social media to get wider coverage to create awareness. 

Share with Family and Friends

Your first ambassadors should be yourself, then your family and friends. Share the URL with them to follow/like and ask them to spread the word to others in their network as well. 

Now that you have properly launched your brand on social media, all you need to do next is to consistently build on what you have started. Building one’s followership is not the easiest thing in the world to do, so don’t give up and keep at it; it is only a matter of time before you start yielding results.


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