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How to Make An Angry Customer Happy Again.

“No matter how apologetic you are, a broken glass can’t get fixed and its cracks can’t be invisible.” This saying might be true for other types of relationships and circumstances, but not for a brand-customer relationship. Do you know that if you employ the right tactics, you could turn around a sour relationship between your brand and a client/customer? Although it is always advisable to remain in the good books of your customers; but, what if the inevitable happens? What if no matter how hard you try, they just seem to remain unsatisfied and furious? Do you turn your back against them and leave them to fight their battles alone? That shouldn’t even cross your mind. As a business owner, your customer service should be one of the most important aspects of your business. In fact, it is as important as your service delivery. With these tips, you can develop the confidence you need to make an angry customer happy again.

Listen Even When It Doesn’t Make Sense

Truthfully, some customers just rant for no precise reason while others can be justified. They speak above their voices and in those moments, it’s almost impossible to listen to what they are saying. The first step in dealing with this kind of customers is to make a conscious effort to listen. Not just to what is being said, but to do so actively and pick out cogent points they are trying to convey. Some customers do not actually know how to properly communicate their grievances. For this reason, they find themselves speaking spontaneously and in an uncoordinated manner. So do them the favour of listening genuinely. 

Understand Their Pain

From listening, you will be able to identify at what point they encountered the problem. To better understand a person’s pain, try to feel it as well by picturing yourself in their shoes. If a similar situation had happened to you, how would you react? And what could be done to appease you? Answering these questions will give you an insight as to how disappointed the customer feels and how they can be pacified. To be sure that you have fully understood the angle they are coming from, you can try reiterating what they have told you, in the most concise way you can. 

Provide A Solution

Is there something you can do to make your angry customer feel better? For every problem, there’s always a solution, but sometimes you need to think about it critically and without wasting any more time. In most cases, the preferred solution is one that will satisfy the customer without adding a heavy financial burden to the business. 

make an angry customer happy

Make Them Feel Important

When dealing with customers, even if they seem pleased with you, you need to always make them feel valued and appreciated. Here are a few things you can do to make them feel important: attend to them quickly, give them a follow-up call or send an e-mail to apologise for any difficulty they encountered while interacting with your brand or for previously reported issues. You could also give them some form of compensation like a discount on a subsequent purchase, or an extra product/service you believe they’ll find useful.

Empathise with Them and Apologise

Empathy is one of the most valuable qualities of a customer service personnel. When trying to make an angry customer happy again you need the ability to feel and understand their point of view and emotional state. Furthermore, apologising to a customer doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right and you are wrong or vice versa. It only shows to what extent you value your relationship with them rather than the need to be right. Besides, customers aren’t always right, yet don’t make them look dumb even if you need to explain or educate them on how things really work.

In conclusion, when engaging with customers, you should always learn from your past experiences. It is not acceptable to make the same mistake twice else it becomes a habit; something your brand will be known for. If you keep doing things the right way with your customer’s interest put first, you will be saved from issues that could get them angry or dissatisfied. Happy customers are loyal customers, so instead of spending so much to acquire new customers all the time, you should also work relentlessly to retain those you already have.


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