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How To Hire A Digital Marketer In Nigeria.

Let us start by saying it is usually advisable to hire a digital marketing agency for your digital marketing services. However, if budget is a concern and you are a small business owner, you might have to hire a freelancer. Also, digital marketing is not an aspect of your business that you can afford to do without. The importance of digital marketing to the success of your business makes it necessary to take the hiring process seriously.

There are many self-proclaimed digital marketers out there who are using ineffective tactics or just learnt a thing or two and feel they can help you take your business where it needs to go. It is left to you to make sure to hire the best person for your business. This article will show you the best ways to hire a digital marketer in Nigeria. The first thing to do before hiring is to ask yourself some pertinent questions:

  • What kind of digital marketing solutions am I looking for?
  • What kind of specifications am I looking for?
  • What is my budget?

If you have the answers to these questions, it will help you know what to look out for when going through the remaining steps in hiring a digital marketer in Nigeria. What are the best ways to hire a digital marketer in Nigeria?


After you have determined what you need in a digital marketer, the next thing to do is to search. There are different ways to go about finding a digital marketer to hire.

  • Google: The first obvious place to search is on Google. You can type in “digital marketers in Nigeria” but the entries that will likely be displayed are agencies; you can always still check them out to see if you can get what you need. But if you are still insisting on freelancers, then you should specify. The entries will probably include online classified ads platforms and websites for freelancers or personal websites.
  • Referral: This is probably the most reliable method when you want to hire a digital marketer in Nigeria. Ask around your community, ask your fellow entrepreneur-friends to refer you to digital marketers who have worked for them or they can recommend. While this is reliable because people will likely refer those they have worked with and can attest to, their personal bias could also interfere, so make sure to still screen the suggestions you get.
  • Social Media: You can find digital marketers in Nigeria through social media as well. Just go through hashtags on all the platforms but especially LinkedIn and you are sure to get enough entries.

Go Through Their Social Media Pages

When you have gotten the names of the digital marketers you want to work with, go through their social media for further vetting. A person’s social media account can give you a good idea of what the person does, their expertise and their values. You should check and even ask for values because digital marketing can be approached in different ways and you want to make sure to hire a digital marketer who uses strategies you are comfortable with. Perhaps, the most important thing to check is how they handle their own personal digital marketing; are they active on social media? Do they engage their audience and what type of content do they put out?

How to hire a digital marketer in Nigeria

Ask For Their Portfolio

Ask them to send you their portfolio, which should contain the works they have done, for who, and how effective they were (results they produced). If they have a website, this information might already be there but if it isn’t or they don’t have a website, then ask them for it. Every digital marketer worth their salt already knows you will ask for these things, so they must have prepared ahead.

Ask For Specification

Although most digital marketers like to believe they can effectively handle all aspects of digital marketing, digital marketing is broad. And while they should have basic knowledge of all aspects, they have areas they specialise in. If you know the specification you need, you can ask the digital marketer for their specialisation to know if it is what you are looking for.

Test With A Smaller Project

Even after checking all the above, giving your project out will still be quite risky. So, to avoid a bigger risk, you can start with something smaller first. You could ask them to create a social media calendar or ask them to generate SEO-friendly keywords based on your niche for your PPC campaign. When you are comfortable with their work, then you can trust them with your bigger projects.

The digital marketer you hire will make a big difference in the success of your business; so you shouldn’t take it with levity. These tips will be sure to help you hire a digital marketer in Nigeria. What challenges do you encounter with hiring digital marketers? Let us know in the comment section; we will love to hear from you.


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