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How to Determine the Best Advertising Objective for Your Brand.

Every business needs to be marketed and promoted regardless of how much popularity it has attained. A brilliant example of this is how big Nigerian brands like Coca Cola, Airtel, Pepsi, and Indomie keep investing lots of money into producing quality adverts to market their products. The current position of your business and its developmental goals determines what the best advertising objective for your brand will be. In social media advertising, there are a good number of objectives from which you can choose from.

We will be explaining 5 major advertising objectives and helping you understand when to use each one to have measurable results at the end of your campaign. Speaking about campaign results, you need to know what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be used to measure the effectiveness of each of your advertising campaigns or the attainment of your advertising objectives.

Talking about your advertising objectives with your team helps you evaluate it better. Source: Burst Shopify.

5 Best Advertising Objectives for Your Brand and Their KPIs

The best advertising objectives for a brand should be Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant and Time-bound (SMART). Some common advertising objectives for your brand can be:

To Drive Traffic

No matter how small your business is, you need a website to enjoy the benefits of an evolving digital world. If you are experiencing a low number of visitors on your website or landing page then you need to run an advertising campaign to drive more traffic to whichever page you want them to take a valuable action on. For example, if you are engaging in email marketing and need more subscribers to sign-up for your newsletter, you could run a social media ad to drive traffic to the page where they are expected to fill in their name and email address.

KPIs include the number of website or landing page visitors, average time on page, most visited page, bounce rate, page views per session, conversion rate, and more.

To Create Brand Awareness

Whether you are just coming into the market or you have been there for a while, you need to keep pushing your brand through adverts to remain in the faces of prospects and old customers. You don’t want to be forgotten; in this type of advert, you could be teaching people how to use your products, why they should prefer you rather than your competitors, and sharing other valuable knowledge about your business just to remain relevant and recognized in your industry. A good part of this objective is that you can optimize it and use it for future campaigns.

KPIs include the number of impressions, reach, click-through-ratio, and more.

To Increase Conversions and Sales:

Businesses who need to increase their sales and have nurtured prospects over time can use conversion ads to ensure the purchase of their products or that prospects take whatever action that the business needs. This is the best advertising campaign for a brand trying to minimize cost and get maximum results.

KPI includes the number of sales, number of clicks, click-through-ratio, and more.

Increase Engagement

If you want more people to know about and interact with your brand you should be using adverts that drive engagement. This can be done by boosting or promoting your page, getting people to claim an offer through contests and giveaways. This objective is usually an interesting one as you get to interact with more people who could most likely become your clients if they are well nurtured.

KPI includes Likes, comments, shares, views etc.

Leads Generation

With lead generation, you can get people to take any action that will indicate their interest in your business or what you are offering. You have the opportunity to get information about your prospects and follow up on them till they are converted. It also makes people feel valued by a brand.

KPI includes newsletter sign-ups, downloads/installs, calls, event registration, cost per lead, and more.

There are many other objectives in running a marketing campaign but these are the best advertising objectives for your brand to take advantage of.


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