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How To Create The Right Freebies For Your Audience.

The major reason for marketing and advertising is creating exposure; letting people know that your business exists and why they should choose to patronise you among the many competitors you likely have. But many businesses know that this is easier said than done; earning customer trust is practically one of the hardest things to do. You can get customer trust by providing them with quality products or excellent service and showing them you actually know what you are doing. Why should they trust that your product or service is good for them when you cannot prove that you are an expert in that field?

How can I do that? You might ask. Businesses use their blogs, social media account and email copy to provide valuable content for their target audience and customers that will earn customer’s trust. While you need to promote your blog and social media posts, you need an email list for your email copies (sales letter). And luckily, building an email list is not nearly as difficult as getting social media followers. There are many ways to build an email list and one of the most effective is to create the right freebies for your audience. Let’s be honest, people will usually only go to the extra mile to subscribe to your email list if you give them an incentive, which you can provide by creating the right freebies.

So, how do you create the right freebies for your audience?

Choose The Right Freebie And The Format

It is probably obvious that the first thing to do to create the right freebies for your audience is to choose the right freebie. There are a number of things to offer your audience but your industry or niche will determine your target audience and your target audience will determine what kind of freebie to choose. For instance, what will appeal to teenagers will be quite different from what will appeal to people in their 30s. In the same vein, if you are a lifestyle brand, what will appeal to your audience will differ from the audience of a financial institution.

One way to find out what will appeal to your target audience is to think about solving a problem. The best businesses are businesses that are solving a problem. So if you can offer them a solution for free, they will definitely subscribe to your email list. Think about something you struggled with as a beginner in the business or a particular question you see pop up a lot around the industry. You can also do a survey by simply asking people something they struggle with. All these will give you an idea of what to create.

Once you have decided on the right freebie, you can then determine the format the freebie will take; audiobook, webinar, eBook, video series, checklist, free course etc.

How to create the right freebies for your audience

Create The Freebie

The first step to creating your freebie is to create a catchy title. Remember you are ultimately trying to build customer trust, so no clickbait! Choose an honest title but something catchy because in this digital age, losing people’s attention is rather easier. The title will be used to create the pop-up form, your landing page and promote your freebie. Also, once you have your title, it will guide the outline and content of your freebie. Make sure your freebie is well-researched and relevant, you don’t want them subscribing and immediately unsubscribing because they didn’t find what they expected.

Also, make sure your freebie reflects your brand, so they associate what they are getting with you. Use your brand colours, include your logo, brand name, website URL and keep your tone consistent.

Promote Your Freebie

It is not enough to create a freebie; you have to promote. First, promote on your website by either placing an opt-in form on the sidebar of your homepage/certain webpages or using a pop-up on the home page. Pop-ups can be very annoying, so make sure it only appears on your homepage and not every page of the website. Mailerlite is a good platform to create opt-in forms or pop-ups for your website.

Then you should promote on a blog post and social media. On social media, apart from making posts about it on your account, you can also promote on groups like Facebook groups. Another great promotional platform that many people overlook is Pinterest; create free pins on Canva to promote on Pinterest.

Now that you have learnt these tips, use them to grow your audience.


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