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How To Become An Effective Digital Marketer In Nigeria.

Do you want to be a digital marketer in Nigeria? If your answer to this question is yes, you might as well be an effective one. Like every other field, digital marketing is not a walk in the park; it will not happen without hard work. But being a digital marketer in Nigeria also has its benefits, especially because it is one of the job descriptions that will remain relevant for years to come. The world is getting increasingly digitalised and any job that is based on the digital world will always be in demand. So what do you need to do to be an effective digital marketer in Nigeria?

Do An Extensive Research

The first thing to do when you want to start any venture is to do extensive research on it. Fortunately, there is enough information on digital marketing online. However, you have to be careful about what you consume because the internet is full of both the right and wrong information so filter whatever information you see. You can also follow reputable digital marketers in Nigeria or digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, to get all the information you can about the field before you dive into it. Research is important so that you can avoid pitfalls that others before you had to fall into; experience is the best teacher but it doesn’t have to be your experience.

Be Certified

While you don’t need a degree in digital marketing before you can become an effective digital marketer, it is important to get certified. You can learn a lot online, however, there is still a lot to learn formally from a reputable institution. Apart from the fact that it will increase your knowledge, it will also give you an edge.

Keep Learning

The digital world is ever-changing, so you have to keep learning. Becoming certified or having a degree is not enough if you want to be an effective digital marketer. It is very easy to become outdated as a digital marketer because new things are introduced and policies are changed regularly. There is a world of difference between the trends in digital marketing last year and that of this year. You have to keep learning to keep up or you will lose relevance quickly.

Specialise In A Specific Niche

There is a lot of appeal in saying you are an expert in all aspects of digital marketing but all self-respecting digital marketers have a niche. Digital marketing is a broad field and if you say you are an expert in all aspects of the field, you will not be taken seriously because “jack of all trade is a master of none”. It is important to have basic knowledge of all the aspects but pick a niche and concentrate on becoming an expert in it.


The saying, “we need each other to survive” is not cliché. The saying stands in every field, including digital marketing. There is a lot you can learn from other digital marketers, no matter what level they are. Attend conferences, events, make friends or at least be friendly with other digital marketers. You can also follow industry leaders on social media to tap from their wealth of knowledge.

Be Passionate

I will not blame you if you are wondering how lucrative digital marketing is in Nigeria; let’s not pretend that money is not important. However, money should not be your number one priority because like every other profession, digital marketing comes with its challenges. Passion is the only thing that can keep you going when the going gets tough. I know I started by talking about the relevance of digital marketing in our world today but make sure you are passionate about it, so you don’t give up when you are faced with challenges.


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