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How To Add Your Business To Google Maps.

If you have a physical office especially, your business should be on Google Maps; it is a great way to describe the address of your office to potential clients and visitors who find you via Google. However, it is also a great way to increase your visibility online so you can be at the faces of those who are searching for businesses like yours. 

If you want to add your business to Google My Business – which you should – you will need to integrate Google Maps to it because GMB is a business listing platform to help businesses manage and track their online presence. And one of the ways to manage your online presence is to make sure that potential clients have comprehensive details on how to find you; both physically and online.

Now that you know why you should add your business to Google Maps, it brings us to how to add your business to Google Maps. And this is what we will be discussing in this article; follow closely and we will show you simple ways to go about this. 

Open a Google My Business Account

As mentioned earlier, Google Maps is integrated into GMB as part of your business listing processes. So, the first thing you need to do is create a Google My Business Account. You can do that here; the process is easy, straight-forward and free. Or sign in if you have one. 

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps

Get Your Business Listed

The next thing to do is find out if your business is listed on GMB because if you are an established business, there is a chance your business is listed. You can find out if your business is listed by searching for your business on the search bar. If your business appears, you can select it to claim your business and nobody will be able to claim it again because, as you may expect, double-listing will result in confusion. However, if your business does not appear, you can get your business listed by clicking on “Create a business with this name”. 

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps


Provide Your Business Information

Now, you can enter your business information. When entering your information, don’t just provide your business name, include your address. This will differentiate you from other companies who probably bear the same name as yours. For instance, instead of just “Big Field Digital”, you can enter your business name as “Big Field Digital, Ososami Road, Ibadan”. 

Another important thing to note at this stage is making sure that the information you provide is detailed and accurate. Remember that this information is how potential clients will find you on Google so you shouldn’t come off as unprofessional by providing half-baked information or inaccurate information. Imagine a client trying to call you with the number you supplied and it is wrong, it will turn them off. Once you have created a business profile, you will be asked if you want to add your business to Google Maps, hold off on saying yes until you have verified your business. 

Verify Your Business

Google will want to know your business is located where you say it is. So, they will send a postcard with a PIN code to the address you provided. This process can take 2 weeks, so you will have to be patient. You have to be on the lookout though and use the PIN code once you get it because you have only 30 days to complete the verification process. If not, you will have to go through the process again. Occasionally, Google can give the option of getting the code via text message or automated phone call, this process is obviously faster, so you should take it. 

After you have verified and got your business listed on Google My Business, you can reply in the affirmative when you are asked to add your business to Google Maps. And that’s it; you have successfully added your business to Google Maps.


Don’t be like the businesses that believe once they have gotten their business listed and on Google Maps, that is all, and they don’t have to revisit their account. Make sure to add other information from time to time and to update your company’s information regularly as the case may be.


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