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Guidelines for Writing Product Descriptions That Drives Sales.

Writing product descriptions is really not as difficult as it might seem, and you don’t need to be an expert writer to produce one that brings you massive sales. First and foremost, a product description is a piece of content that gives prospective customers in-depth information about a product they intend to buy. This content has the power to influence purchase positively or negatively and you must create it in a way that suits the buyer persona

After searching for a product, imagine the prospect lands on your website and surveys the product images but is unsure of the variations, specifications, and other necessary information because your product description is either missing or scantily put-together. Instead of them proceeding to add to cart and check out, they’ll simply look for other sellers who have readily displayed all the information they need in one place. With the guidelines mentioned in this post, be sure to start writing product descriptions in no time.

Understand the Product Users

Before you start selling an item, knowing your ideal customer is a sure way to be successful at your business. After you have identified them, you then need to understand their behaviours and the exact elements of a product that get their attention the most or prompts them to make a purchase. This is why having a buyer persona is helpful. Preparing this document will help you discover the needs of your buyers, age group, income, and other essential demographics.

Be Precise and Concise

Depending on how complicated or futuristic your product is, you can either write a long or short product description. It should precisely and concisely give information on what are you selling, what it helps your users do/achieve, and more. Use paragraphs, bullet points, or any other means that will help you eradicate irrelevant information from your content. Your intention isn’t to overwhelm or bore prospects with too many information, so go straight to the point; no beating around the bush.

Prioritise Benefits Over Features

Of course, you need to mention all the important features of an item, but don’t do so without clearly stating the benefits. Emphasising benefits when writing product descriptions is very easy. Simply pick out each feature of the product and think of how it will help the product user or improve their life. People buy products because it is beneficial to them, not merely because it looks beautiful or has a lot of fascinating features. 

Use Power Words

Words have the ability to move one to take an action that they never believed they’ll take. If you find the right power word to use in your product description, run along with it and see how it boosts conversion. We found a list of power words you should try using.

Keywords Help SEO

Just like when you create blog posts and other types of content for the internet, you obviously pay a lot of attention to keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You must do the same when writing product descriptions. What keyword or phrase do users input in their browser when they are looking for a product? Once you’ve identified the search query, you must definitely use it in your product description. Include it in the product title, meta description, alt text, and slug. With this, your product is more likely to show up when searched for.

Use Multiple Product Images

You might be wondering, what does the product image have to do with writing product descriptions. Well, it does. The end-goal is to drive sales, so you must position all elements to achieve that. The only way an online buyer can see what they are about to purchase is through the product image. This means that putting up blurry, dim, or unclean pictures won’t help matters. Instead, get nice and neat images of your products to attract buyers. Not one image, but multiple. Let them see the item from various angles and if possible, record a video of the product for a higher conversion rate. When uploading the image(s) to your site, insert an alt text which should contain the keyword.

Quantity and Variation

If an item exists in more than one colour or size, make sure you state it in your product description. You can simply say things like “this item is available in white, red, and black colours”, “large size available”, “comes in size 8, 10, and 12”, “Big and medium packs are available”. These are just a number of ways to show that a product exists in several variations. In fact, if it’s a case where one-size-fits-all, you need to let the buyer know, else they won’t buy the item because they feel it doesn’t suit their requirements.

Use Proper Grammar

Very important. No buyer has the patience to read and figure out disjointed sentences, poorly written grammar, or slangs they do not understand. If your use of English isn’t so great, you can use some very good editing tools like Grammarly, Hemingway app, etc, or work with an editor to fix things up.

Customer Reviews

Your site should have a section close to the product description where customer reviews appear. Since they have used the product before, they are in a good position to help new buyers make up their mind on whether they should buy an item or not. Moreover, buyers tend to trust other buyers like themselves. 

To wrap things up, you can go the extra mile to mention any added value or complimentary product. This will go a long way in boosting the sales on your website. Was this post helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.


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