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10 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Audience Organically.

Gaining organic reach on social media was easier years back when the world was just beginning to open its eyes to social media, especially as it relates to business promotion. But with close to half the population of the world using social media, growing organically is becoming harder by the day. 

Now, as expected, not only is the competition high, social media platforms focus so much on paid content. This makes it even more difficult for your content or profile to stand out. However, this does not mean it is impossible to grow your social media audience organically; you just need to work harder and smarter. The first step is to arm yourself with the right knowledge to do this. 

And that’s the aim of this article; to show you the ways to increase your organic reach on social media. Whether you are an individual or a business, these tips to grow your social media audience organically will help you reach your social media goals. 


How to Grow Your Social Media Audience Organically

Know Your Audience

The first thing you need to do before creating a social media strategy is to identify your audience. Remember that you will be communicating with them and you need to speak the language they understand. Now, by language, I am speaking both literally and figuratively. If a large percentage of your audience speak French, then it’s a bad idea to communicate with them in English.

And in the same vein, the tone and style of your content must be relatable to your audience. For instance, what will appeal to children might not appeal to the older generation, so also what will appeal to women might be different from that of men. This is why it is important to identify your target audience by crafting a target persona; that is, the personality of your average customer.


Establish Your Niche

This is quite similar to the point above. I am sure you have heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? This is not just true for business, it is also true for content marketing. You cannot produce content on any and everything. Your content should relate to your product/service. Besides that, you are hardly an expert on everything. So, it’s better to establish your niche, so that even your customers will know what you stand for. 


Focus on the Right Platform

It is very tempting to want to be active on all social media platforms. But you don’t necessarily have to. While you can have a presence on all, you should focus your efforts more on the platform that’s yielding the most reward. You might not be able to discover that at the start and might need to give it a few months to monitor your metrics. But once you’ve identified the platform for you – having established that you are not making mistakes with the other platforms – then you should focus on it. 


Post Quality Content 

Ultimately, your content will be the major aspect of your social media account. If you don’t have the right content, even if you had followers, you will quickly lose them. People will only stay with accounts that are giving them value; could be educational, informative or entertaining. So, you have to pay attention to your content; don’t just post anything that comes to mind just to say you are posting consistently. 

Remember that it is quality over quantity. Make sure your contents are engaging, evergreen, accurate, and relatable. If you can only post quality content thrice a week, that’s better than posting fluff every day of the week. However, consistency is also important if you want to grow. 


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Engage and Acknowledge Your Followers

You need to create engaging content because the social media algorithm recognises posts with a lot of engagements as relevant posts. So, you want to make sure your posts get good engagement, so they can come up on the feed/timeline. You can do this by encouraging your audience to engage your post. For instance, you can ask a question instead of making a statement to spur them to comment. 

Also, you need to make sure to acknowledge your followers. Many businesses make the mistake of not acknowledging their customers on social media. But one of the best ways to improve customer relationship is by acknowledging your customers; making them feel seen. When your customers mention you or they tag you to a review or even criticism, try to attend to it as soon as possible. That way, your customers will see that they matter to you beyond a means to make a profit and many of them will reward you with loyalty. On the other hand, others who see that will be drawn to your brand as well.


Follow Others

A great way to grow your social media audience organically is to follow others. You cannot expect people to follow you when you don’t do the same. Except you are a huge celebrity or a huge brand, you need to follow others to get them to follow you. The law of reciprocity works on social media as well. However, don’t just go about following random accounts. Follow brands (both personal and business) in your industry, related to your field or that offer value. 


Optimise Your Profile and Posts

Optimising your profile and posts make it easy for you to be found on social media. Remember that social media can also be used as a search engine. So, for instance, if you sell animal feeds, you need to use keywords that will make your profile or posts come up when someone searches for that. Furthermore, it is important that you leverage local search as well by specifying your area. For instance, instead of, “interior decorator”, you should use “interior decorator in Charleston.” The latter entry will make your account easier to find than the former that is more generic.


Leverage Tools

Working smarter is just as important – if not more important – than working harder. So, take advantage of tools that will make it easy for you to post better content and post more consistently. Instead of doing everything manually, you should use tools that can automate a lot of processes for you, so you can achieve more results with less effort. 


Monitor Your Competitors

You need to watch your competitors to see what they are doing right and doing wrong. You cannot afford to live as an island on social media. This is also why you need to follow brands in your industry. It is so that you can monitor them. You just never know; the next best strategy to implement to grow your social media organically might come from your competitor. 


Promote Your Profile

Cross-share your handles from other platforms on all your social media profiles/bio and encourage your followers to follow you on those platforms as well. You should also add your social media handles on your website and your email sign-out. 


Wrapping Up

Growing your social media audience is not as impossible as it sounds if you implement the tips listed in this article. And if you monitor your performance metrics, so you can identify where you are making mistakes and where you need to put more effort. 

Do you have any other tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section. 


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