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How to Establish Authority and Grow Your Influence with Social Media

Authority is everything on social media, and you need a good deal of influence to own it.

As a business, you need a strategy to establish authority and grow influence in your industry. To achieve that however, you need to create:

  1. A value first strategy through content and
  2. A strategic networking plan

Before we take a deep dive into how to create a value first strategy through content and how to develop a strategic networking plan, let us say a bit about authority and why you need it.

As a business, authority is leadership.

It gives you exposure, increases engagement with your brand, and enhances your website traffic. In addition, it also grows your retargeting list and increases your offer awareness.

Do you need any more reason why you should establish authority in your industry?  Here is it. Establishing authority will also earn you media mentions, increased number of inbound links and strategic partnerships.

As said earlier, growing your influence and building authority requires that you create value through the creation, distribution and sharing of valuable content. This is what we mean by the value first strategy.

Creating valuable content is about understanding what your audience wants. Content helps you solve problems before they arise; it answers any question that your customers might have and guides them on how to use your services or products.

It is commonly said that content is king, but to rephrase it, valuable content is king and that is what you must offer your customers to attain an authoritative level.

Another way to grow your influence on social media is to create a strategic networking plan. You need a plan to find and associate with authoritative and influential brands. This helps you to earn media mentions and develop strategic partnerships.

Picture this…

Imagine that as an authoritative realtor, you partner with an influential non-profit organization in your area to sponsor an annual small business event. Do you know how much exposure that will give you? Think about it for a second.

The non-profit organization will share it on social media, you will share it and the event organizers will also do by promoting their sponsors. In the end, you would have extended your awareness beyond your niche.

Establishing authority and becoming influential on social media is basically about these two things – Sharing and distributing of valuable content and associating with influential brands.

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