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Using Google Primer to Learn Digital Skills: How to Get Started.

I’m quite shocked that although the Google Primer App has been in existence for a couple of years now, yet so many people haven’t heard about this goldmine. But before I get into using Google Primer to learn digital skills, let me take you through the app’s historical background, benefits, and more.


About The Google Prime App

When Google launched the Prime app in 2014, it wasn’t accessible in all countries at the same time. Also, at this time, it was only available for iPhone users. Soon after, they expanded their scope and have now granted access to users of Android devices as well. At its onset, the lessons on this app were purely the basis of all the skills available on the platform. With time, they began to introduce more advanced lessons even while keeping things easy and still ‘jargon-free’. It really is a good place to learn about business, marketing, and the more technical bits of your operations as a business owner or an individual looking to build a successful digital career.

Benefits of Using Google Primer to Learn Digital Skills

Whether you are just starting your small business, you’ve been into one for several years or you are trying to acquire new job opportunities, the Primer app is for you. Here are a number of reasons you need to get on this platform.

A One-Stop App

Just within this mobile app, you can learn digital skills in Business & Operations, Business Planning, Money Management, Customer Service, Staffing, Operations & Commerce, Selling, Workplace Inclusivity, Workplace Productivity, Employee Management, Career Development, Brand & Identity, Customer Engagement, Website, Branding, User Experience, Marketing & Measurement, Intro to Digital Marketing, Advanced Digital Marketing, Tracking & Analytics, Mobile App Promotion, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Market Research, Agency Management. Interestingly, it has a Lesson Catalog from which, at a glimpse, you can view all the available skills and the topics under each lesson.

Using Google Primer to learn digital skills

Brief, Jargon-Free, and Actionable Lessons

There’s a reason the developers of this platform refer to it as ‘bite-sized’ and ‘jargon-free lessons’. Once you start taking the lessons, one of the first things you’ll notice is the use of storytelling as they discuss very relatable business issues and how to solve them. Without the use of any complex terminology, they’ve broken down the content of each lesson into simple and regular grammar. This means just about anybody can jump on it and have a perfect understanding of the lessons without extra help from other sources.

Virtually all the lessons on the Google Primer app can be put into practice immediately. And with consistency, you’ll begin to see the effect on your business. Interactivity is boosted with the use of flashcards which are designed with fun animated characters and a few lines of text on each card. 

Research-Driven and Expert-Led Content

The content on this app is curated and created by a dedicated team at Google in support of the Grow with Google Program. They also partner with top industry experts to bring users the latest and most relevant topics, tips, strategies, and tutorials. From the Statistics tab, you can find the references to all statistics mentioned within the lessons on Google Primer.

Customise Learning Based on Preference

Once you sign up on the app for the first time, you’ll get a prompt that allows you to select what skills you are looking to acquire. There are no restrictions, you can mark all or just select a few you believe are necessary for the meantime. Bear in mind that even after setting this up at the initial stage, you can still review it later on. On your Home page, you’ll get recommendations on lessons that will most likely interest you based on your selected skills.

Share What You’ve Learnt or Save Pinned Cards

The goal of this app is to help marketers, entry-level individuals, and top executives keep up with the tools and skills that assist them in doing their jobs. So, while taking any of the lessons, you can easily share parts of it that resonate with you or that you feel your friend/colleagues can learn from. Every single part of Google Primer’s lessons is shareable. This includes the entire lesson, a single flashcard, the practical exercises, and even the key takeaways. The share icon is placed visibly at the top-right corner of the app; then you can select it if you intend to share a lesson or a card.

It is also possible to save classes for later or pin cards. Pinning cards helps you to quickly recover a piece of information without having to go through the entire class again. You can access your pinned cards from the ‘Saved’ tab then you select the ‘Pinned’ section. Still, under the Saved tabs, you can find a list of all completed lessons, and those in progress (meaning yet to be completed).

Accessible and User-Friendly App

This is one digital educational platform you can enjoy without being connected to the internet. As long as your phone was previously connected to the internet you can continue using Google Primer to learn digital skills even when you are offline. In addition, this app is accessible to everyone with a Google account and signing up happens in no time without any strenuous process. The bite-sized lessons make it possible to acquire so much knowledge in 5 minutes or less. It is, therefore, a great way to keep yourself engaged when you are on the bus, in a queue, or have some spare time at hand. 

There’s nothing complicated on this app as new users can easily navigate their way around. It lets you pick up your classes where you left off. Asides from that, in a breeze, you can explore other featured courses and save them for later if you aren’t ready to study right away. This app is, however, only available for mobile devices, it doesn’t have a web app because the goal is to have short interactive classes. 


How to Get Start with Google Primer.

If you have a mobile phone, then you can immediately start using Google Primer to learn digital skills anywhere you are. With all we’ve discussed here, now is a brilliant time to hop on to this app to begin your digital education, one which your business will thank you for. Download the Google Primer app here. I should also mention that you do not get any certification when you use Google Primer to learn digital skills.

Lastly, as important as it is to have, at least, basic knowledge about the use of digital technology, I also subscribe to the fact that you must allow highly skilled professionals to take care of certain aspects of your business.  For digital solutions in the areas of mobile/web application development, website design, Google PPC ads, social media management and marketing, email marketing, and content creation, you can reach out to our team for a discovery meeting.


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